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Gossip Girl 01x04: Bad News Blair

Hell week would have been worse if it weren't for my weekly dose of Gossip Girl. Yes, this episode was full of high fashion (Eleanor Waldorf), high boys (Nate Archibald) and high heels (Serena + Blair).

Though Jenny was missing in action, and I got very little Rufus+Lilly time, I have to say this show is on a roll. I'm so glad it got picked up for an entire season. Four episodes down, EIGHTEEN to go. Things can only get better.

I love how they at least alluded to a little Blair from the book. The self-confessed Audrey Hepburn-phile as can be seen in the latter books with her role as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Freds." But really, Blair just looks so classic. This casting is perfect. I'm so in love.

I'm starting to seriously love Chuck Bass. I have to admit, at first I thought he was just a sleazy guy, but I realized he's more than that -- he's a sleazy, scheming guy who gives this show so much more character. So he's throwing the "Last Weekend" shebang with his St. Judes friends and I can already sense something is going to go wrong.

Enter Carter -- and I get this strange Trey Atwood/Oliver from The OC feeling from him -- he looks like trouble. Apparently, this Carter dude is some trustfund kid gone rebel without a cause (complete with building houses in New Orleans after Katrina and MachuPichu something). Whatevs. This guy does not look like good news. And of course, dear old Nate is going to fall for this shit, I can feel it.

Best friends are back together! I'm so loving this. I think Serena is totally working the waistcoat look. I don't think there's been a single episode where she wasn't seen with one on. Poor Blair though. She knows her mother doesn't love her. Well, it's better you know it now, sweetie.

And finally! Dan makes an entrance. Seriously, this guy is the sweetest ever. He's climbing up my boy-chart so fast! His voice, his smirk, I die. I die. I die. I love how he's so openly annoyed at Blair and yet so crazy for Serena. And can you fake that kind of smile? Serena can't! This is true love! Let's go get some Cubans, Dan! Not the cigar -- the sandwiches. Hello cooler Seth Cohen.

Is this genuine happiness for Blair, I see? Gasp! Blair will model for her mom's line of clothes. I smell something fishy here. It's obvious that Serena's trying her best to be there for Blair and make up for the fact that Serena slept with Nate (when Nate and Blair haven't even done it). I'm finding it hard to believe that Blair is okay with Serena already. I would kill Serena. But hey, I'm a warfreak like that. And yet I'm leaning on Team Serena just because.

Again, that smile. Blake Lively cannot be faking this. This is a genuine smile for Penn Badgley. But other than that, I find it so cute that these two are so obviously into each other and yet can't seem to get around to going out. Dan is of course, the hotness and the hottest geek ever. I can't wait for Serena and Dan to finally get their date on.

RUFUS!!!! Papa Rufus!!! Daddy Rufus!!! Welcome to the scene!!! So you're flirting with some edgy art purchaser, I wouldn't mind it at all! Even if I'm a Rufus-Lilly girl at heart, this Bex-Rufus thing could work for me. And what's up with the art of his wife? It's so obvious he's still hung up on her. Oh Rufus.

ONLY CHUCK can pull off that kind of athletic wear and look freaking kick ass in it. Seriously. I'm glad they didn't pull a One Tree Hill and showcase some of their basketball skillz, because there's only so much basketball action I can take. Now if Nate takes off his top while playing, that's a whole different story.

I knew Blair would be the "stiff" model while Serena would be the "free spirit." How cliche. I got this strange Tyra Banks vibe from Serena during this shoot. Not good, but I love Serena so much, I'll actually let it slide. Blair, don't try too hard dear. You're for high fashion. Unfortunately for you, Serena is both high and street fashion. So Blair, you still lose. Don't worry, you've got Nate. Oh wait, Serena had him too.

And Chuck once again drums some sense into Nate. Seriously Nate is the most aanga-anga (stupid + naive = bumbling fool) character ever (Canlas, 2007). Here goes Nate trying to be profound and self-righteous when really Chuck is right. Nate doesn't know what the hell he wants. Chuck Bass is evil and sleazy, but at least he's not pretending NOT to be like that.

Some Daddy-Son bonding time. Seriously. And I wonder why Dan is teh sex? Just look at his father. I wouldn't mind being in that triangle. Dad is already hinting towards his past relationship whatnot with Lilly and Dan is too self-absorbed in his non-date to realize that he's (not)dating his dad's ex-girlfriend's daughter. Love the convoluted plot line. This reminds me of the Kiki-Caleb-Julie-Dr. Roberts fiasco on The OC, just because it's plain crazy.

I'm obviously hung up on the Serena-Dan loveteam just because they're both so right for each other. Nate+Serena would be too pretty. Serena+Chuck is just wrong. Thus, Serena+Dan is perfection. I love how Serena is asking Dan out and he doesn't seem to be fazed or intimidated by it. If only real life were like TV -- where I would hopefully have enough guts/gorgeousness a la Serena Van Der Woodsen and my Dan finds me. Seriously, this phone call is way too cute -- complete with Serena hanging up on Dan with the full knowledge she's got him hooked.

And we go to Dan-Serena twenty years later, hello Rufus-Lilly! I almost died. Lilly is just so Julie Cooper without the sordid past and complete with the Caleb Nichol connection (here it's the Bart Bass love affair). Come on Josh Schwartz, you're falling into a pattern. Though I must admit I love it. So Lilly's returning Rufus's wife's painting because apparently, Bex Simon is Lilly's art person. What a small island Manhattan is! Guys, I suggest you just get it on! But that would be terrible for Dan and Serena, so I'm glad you guys have self control.

SFX: Suspense music There was this "useless" scene in the beginning that showed Chuck keeping his prized possessions in a "locked" cabinet. And now we see why they "set up" that scene. Looks like his baseball and watch are gone. Hmmm... I wonder who took them? Let's not be obvious. Who was that new character that spelled trouble? Oliver? Trey? No! It was Carter. But let's not confirm it. So let's just jump to the next scene where...

Stupid Nate and Carter are playing "cards" in this high stakes game that looks straight out of a gangster movie and you just know something terrible is going to happen. So what if Carter gave you your first joint or club experience? He looks so filthy, it's obvious he's not to be trusted. But of course, Nate must be high because nothing is registering in his pretty little head.

Bitchfight about to start! Oh Serena, why so naive? Now you and Blair are enemies again? Whee! All the issues are coming out. You're prettier! You're thinner! And why did she not bring up the sleeping-with-Nate part? Blair is a saint. And what's up with Serena's upper lip? It twitches upward when she's angry. It reminds me of Joey Potter's lower lip biting when she's vulnerable all the time.

Just because eavesdroppers like Dan deserve their own picture. This little snoop is the hottest eavesdropper ever. I love how he always hears something negative about Serena and yet is still so deeply taken by her. Dan is just way too hot for his own good. Look at that pensive profile.

The silhouette is to die for! How sexy is that? Dan is so out of place in this photo shoot and I wish they'd play up the fact that Serena is half naked in front of him! Now that would have been interesting. I love how selfish Dan can get too. He's not really selfish as it is true that Serena seems to be stringing him along, but really, I'm loving the serious look on him. I wish he'd just grab her and kiss her. But yeah, let's build up the tension first.

I love that shot of Blair and Dan in the hallway. And what a saint! Dan despises Blair and yet because Serena is so obviously distressed with her best friend's situation, Dan decides to play the hero. This is his own personal demon in front of him and he's still got enough sweetness/compassion in him to make her feel better. I love how Blair is actually responding to him in a non-combative way. Yikee. All is turning out so well in the perfect little world.

Thank god for Chuck Bass. Nate the dimwit is saved by Chuck and here he goes pretending he actually wants to pay his best friend back. But wait, is Nate's trustfund drained? How could this happen? Could this be Capt. Archibald's way of putting his son in his place? Poor Nate. Where's he going to get money for his stash now? At this point, I know the show is going to end and Nate still hasn't taken his top off!!! Now is the time, Nate. Now is the time!

Is it just me or is the actress for Blair's mom different from the one in the first episode? Maybe it's just the clothes or makeup. Congratulations to Blair though for standing up for herself. At least now she's aware that her mother really is more screwed up than her. So now we find out her issues. Oh Blair, poor little rich girl.

And Dan-Serena just have to keep trumping their cute moments together! I love how Dan just isn't going to give up on her. Now that's persistence in a non-creepy/stalker way. Go Dan! And here comes Serena giving him more hope -- complete with kiss on the cheek plus hug combo. Way to hook a guy, Serena. I love how Dan is so flustered by this action and still remained so calm. Dan FTW!

And of course, with the end of every episode, we neatly tie up all the conflicts of this episode. Josh Schwartz has OCD. But what a great way to end the episode with more camwhorage. Because these girls just know how to work the camera -- contrary to the "stiff" photo shoot -- it's a really adorable way to finish things.

And yet another episode over. I actually enjoyed this one, complete with all the pretty dresses and Dan-Serena moments. I hope they pile those on even in the next episodes because Dan-Serena is just too much love. Of course, add more Rufus-Lilly scenes and this will be perfection.

I find that fangirl-ism can cure any sort of real life drama. Screw reality, I'll live in my little dream world instead.
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