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The End's Not Near

BC 102 done: It was literally a Himala!. Comm 120 actually over: There is a clear and present danger of me totally screwing that up.

Just two more subjects left, and I'm already so freaking exhausted. I have yet to finish editing/proofreading our Comm Res 101 paper. Then there's the crazy ass 1 hour radio drama script for BC 103, with my ambitious plot that I don't think I can follow through on.

Wednesday where are you?

DeweysDawgs Minus 1
More Deweys Dawgs Camwhorage

With 4/5 of Dewey's Dawgs (Anna, Sophie and Mimi) as we camwhored our way through our revisions for our Data Analysis and synthesis. 121 pages of Comm Res that I do not understand. I wonder how we were able to churn out so many words. I hope it makes sense. To submit or to consult? That is the question. And we're already at the end, and we still have no title.
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