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not so bad

I'm okay now. In fact, I think I haven't been better this entire week. I've moved on. yeah right but I think that my rage has gone away. Okay, so maybe I'm a bit pissed, but it's normal. I'm weird. My friend enlightened me by saying that I should be glad we're friends. And I am. Maybe, I don't really value our friendship anyway. So, it doesn't really matter, because both of us don't. Here I go again. How am I so sure? Oh well, there are bigger world issues to ponder on and here I am ruminating over the sillliest things.

President Bush is in town and it's funny how much of a fan my dad is. The way I sat down to watch Meteor Fever, my dad is sticking to the TV for the state visit. He's really there watching it even until now. It's amazing! And he laughed at me as I screamed and shrieked when Vaness and Ken stepped out of the plane. you should see him now. He's still there oggling over the television.

Speaking of Bush, Laura Bush is now my favorite First Lady. She looks really nice. It's such a pity she's got drunken daughters. I swear! She has this motherly feel that makes me want to reach out and give her a hug. she looks so sweet. She could definitely pass as those types of moms who bake brownies and all that. It's crazy!

She's lucky though, she got the better side of the state visit. While her husband is sweating away listening to a bunch of crap, she gets to sweat away too except she's seated among children. now, who got the better end of the deal?

How would it feel to be the first lady anyway? She must be pretty lucky to be his wife. Okay, is it obvious that I thought and i stress on the THOUGHT that Bush was cute for a few minutes of my life. When they had this meeting in Mexico, I think. he was wearing this shirt that made us (my cousin and I) think he was fairly okay... fine, cute!

I can't believe I even said that.

Besides, there hasn't been any news yet that Bush has mistresses or anything. It's either he and Laura have a great marriage OR his press people are just really good at hiding things. Besides that, Laura's lucky because she gets to travel and enjoy while Bush (the president, that is) has to listen to important things. So much for a vacation huh?

Unfortunately, because of this joyous state visit, I can't go to the suprise party of my friend. If you're reading this, Jo-anne and you haven't had that party, then don't tell your mom I squealed and just pretend you didn't know. Hehe! They blocked the roads, so my ride, Anne, can't pick me up. I can't even go to the nearest "mall," which isn't really a mall, but still... So much for a long weekend.

I was supposed to have my hair cut today, because it's been exactly three months since the last time I cut it, but I guess I'm just not going to have it today. I'm so lazy to get away from this damn computer. You know why? Because as of last count, I have 606 fonts. yes, I have 606 different fonts and I seriously don't know how I'm going to use all of them. In fact, I doubt I'll ever get to use all of them, but hey, no one in this house can say they just couldn't find the right font.

And this may sound embarassing, but for the first time in my life, I ate at Yellow Cab. SO much for dieting, because that place is a pig out party! You really can't control yourself when you're there. I had two slices of the fourteen inch diameter pizza and I could feel my insides curl. Oh well, I guess that's what the treadmill is for.

Today is most definitely a good day. In fact, it couldn't be better.
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