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Gossip Girl 01x03: Poison Ivy

The highlight of my week, really. I find myself looking forward to Wednesdays when I can finally download my weekly dose of Gossip Girl. This week in the Upper East side, the girls and guys are getting ready for the Ivy League schools representatives visit to their posh posh school.

Of course, nothing goes right in this school and a lot of drama can happen in one episode. That's why this show is fabulous! The clothes, the boys the drama!

It's always wise to start an episode showing the hot characters in different stages of undress. So starting the show with Dan shaving himself (albeit clumsily) is a good way to start the show. I know I'll be looking forward to lots of yummines.

I thought the girls singing the song Glamorous was cute, but I expected better blending. I obviously expect too much. But it was still a cute idea to have the girls singing Glamorous, a little awkward, but who knows, maybe that is how they start general assemblies (joint ones at that) in New York.

Damn Dan! Why do you have to be so cute? I'm loving the devilish smile he has here. The I'm-trying-to-ignore-you-Serena, but I'm just a man and I know I can't look.

Of course, Serena is the misunderstood IT Girl, and she's just a girl standing in front of a guy, asking him if the assembly is over. I love her vest outfit thingamajig. I would never pull it off with the uniform.

I'm loving how Dan is so Seth Cohen (with his witty comebacks). I sort of felt he wouldn't get the Dartmouth usher position, because Nate is alive. But Dan is so cute narrating why he's so worthy of being an usher. Oh Dan, you're not the super duper bida, but in my heart you are!

Nate is so honest, its crazy. At least he didn't pretend to want to be the usher. Then again, he could have been too stoned to realize what the interview was. I'm surprised they still haven't shown Nate smoking pot. Oh yeah, this is still prime time TvV

Of course, the devious Chuck Bass cannot be ignored. This guy is a walking billboard, I love it. I can't help but love him. Deviously one sided, this guy is just pure evil and he's starting to grow on me. I find him very convincing as a "bad guy."

Rufus, Rufus, Rufus. Why does the dad have to be so hot? I just realized that he's got a Sandy Cohen feel to him. Sorry tonksified if you don't agree, but I really feel it. And he's a rockstar, didn't Sandy try to sing in The OC? I could do comparisons the entire day.

What I wouldn't do to get Nate to sit on my couch and attempt to read a book. Seriously. Despite his constant state of stone-hood, I so wouldn't mind having him across me in the couch. And what is dear Blair doing?

Plotting evil of course. With InStyle in hand, Blair singlehandedly plots Serena's downfall with trusty sidekick Chuck of course. Blair is looking really good these days. I'm loving how this woman looks in red!

I'm NOT Eric Van Der Woodsen's fan. I think I've established that. Especially since he reminds me of Aaron Carter pre-I'm-all-about-you days. I think they could have cast someone hotter. But then again, all the other guys are already too hot, so I guess they had to uglify it a bit. I'm so mean, I know. He tried to kill himself, so I guess I should be nice to him.

Then Lilly reminds me of Kiki. Again, I'm sorry Patty dear, but I can't hep but compare. This mom is the Julie who looks like Kiki though. I like Lilly, if only she had more time with Rufus, it would be all perfect. Really.

So Jenny finally wears the dress! I love the color blue on her. So does this means she's turned to the dark side? And why are they pairing her up with Eric? This girl deserves someone hotter and taller than her! Why is there a sudden drought of hot boys for Jenny?!? She needs some hotness in her life too!


I'm loving the pensive look on Dan. I love the suit, I love the haircut. I love it. love it. love it. Did I mention that I loved it? Oh Dan, get Serena out of your head and marry me! Marry me!!! Marry me!!!

The requisite naked Nate shot. The episode cannot be complete without at least one of this. And boy is this body's worth the shot. They should just do a once over of him. Tilt Up. Tilt down. That's the money shot. That's what gets the ratings.

Awww... are they best friends again? For now at least. I got touched when Blair started reading the letter for Serena. I just wanted them to kiss and make up. But really, where's the fun in that. I know there's a truce for now, but I can't wait for them to fight again, because where's the fun in that?

Until next week. Seriously, this show better get a second season because I can't just have 22 episodes of this -- or has is it even been given a go signal for a full season? I can't wait for episode 4.
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