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The Great Comm Res Cramming Weekend

In 24 hours, our group should have already submitted our Part 2 for our wonderful Communication Research 101 paper. I can't wait.

Yesterday, I had my fabulous groupmates (Mimi, Sophie, Ana and Anna) over to "work" on our part. We ended up doing T & T (tabulation and transcription) over Yellow Cab (CMC's official pizza) and lots of gossip.

The Great Comm Res Weekend
We'll be dreaming of our FGD informants voices

Let's just say, I was up at 8:30 am for the Comm Res exam and at around midnight of yestserday, Ana and I were still up, doing... Comm Res.

At around midnight, Ana and I were just whacked out of our minds. Thus, utilizing the camera, we decided to indulge ourselves. Seriously. Transcribing FGDs with people who don't speak properly is NOT fun. More camwhorage over here.

Thing is, I'm really clueless when it comes to Comm Res. If it weren't for fabulous groupmates, I'd be in the dark. I can conduct the interviews, I'll tabulate the data, I'll transcribe the FGDs, but I can't analyze data.

I'm just totally clueless. I can't deduce findings from numbers. Freak mode!

with paola's cookies

My little sister was such a sweetheart. She actually baked cookies for me and Ana to eat while transcribing our interviews. This gave me a bit of a sugar rush to continue listening to the FGDs and trying to decipher what the hell is going on.

comm res is killing us!

I cannot wait for October 15
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