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Skipping Beats, Blushing Cheeks

Psych 101 has been the most surprising subject I've had this semester. I find myself really eager to learn, which is rare. On our last day, we finally talked about Interpersonal Attraction: Liking and Love.

And since I know myself, I know this isn't love. It's probably just a deep like of sorts. And ma'am discussion today cemented this little fact. But what interests me more, is what do they have?

Anyway, liking someone entails four factors: physical attractiveness: check! (pre and post hair shearing) proximity: check! (though i can't deal with the buy-one-take-one situation, i can't complain) familiarity: check! (though a one sided familiarity, with me getting to know) and of course similarity: check! (i'd like to believe we're on the same wavelength and have simliar musical interests among other things)

Thing is, I'm sure they have all four factors to the hundredth power. So I still lose. Panx says that I'm impatient and way too cerebral. Believe me, I wish I weren't either. I wish things don't become mainly virtual either. Though CMTs are convenient, I so wouldn't mind face-to-face interaction (so comm res).

it's funny. the moment i decide to stop. there are so many go signals. haircuts, milk trucks, plate numbers. please stop redeeming yourself.
Tags: college friends, college junior, un-google-able man
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