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Monday, Bloody Monday

I'm not the type of person who cringes at the sight of needles (thanks to acupuncture) and I can handle the sight of blood (hello wound-filled childhood). But for some reason, donating blood gets me a little queasy.

I donated blood once in high school, during the Family Day when Red Cross came to the school and were looking for donors. I was donor number 14, and the last for the day too. That's why when friends ask for blood donations, I'm not hesitant to volunteer. After all, what's being over-the-designated-weight for if I don't help out.

Patty Slow Blood
Photos taken from Sandy Lipio

Still, for some reason, when it actually comes to the giving of blood, I get really freaked. I can't look at myself being punctured and the blood coming out of me. I guess there's still that fear that the nurse won't get the needle in right and I'll be squirming in pain.

Sandy's grandfather needed replacement donors for the blood he used so Caleb and I trekked to UDMC with Sandy and went through the motions of donating blood. They ask you all these questions from body piercings, to the date of your last period, to the state of your sex life.
Sandy Medium Blood

There are a bunch of restrictions that many wouldn't pass, but luckily, the three of us did. As the minutes went by, the three of us occupied ourselves by either reading for class or memorizing the Journalist's Code of Ethics.

Caleb Fast Blood

Apparently, my blood is slow to flow. Caleb donated the most with 450 something, Sandy with 400 something and me with a mere 350 something. I had to be tickled for the blood to come out faster. So very weird. At one point, my hand was so pale, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore and it was just all so numb.

Still, the feeling of helping out was good enough! I would go donate in a heartbeat, except we have to wait 3 months again before we're fit to donate blood. So Caleb and Sandy, see you guys on January 1. We're so going to donate blood again.
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