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Way Too Much Food

I love food. That's a given. In fact, almost every waking moment, I spend it eating some sort of food.

However, having to finish an entire box of pizza (split among three people) within THREE minutes is apparently NO joke. Last Friday, I subbed for late-comer Bikoy to complete our team of 3 (with Simon and Barry) for the CMC Student Council's Pizza Eating contest.

Patty is about to puke!

Congratulations to Marian who was in charge of the event! Honey, I've never ever seen that many people in CMC at the same time. It was obviously a fantabulous success. Pictures taken from Ayeen Malolos

Team BC

Ruth, Caleb, and Jervi were a very efficient team. For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to eat more than three pieces of pizza. This team almost wiped out their box. Alas, they didn't win. Still, fab job guys!

Team MCO
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