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Take My Breath Away!

Almost a week late, and still I can't believe I actually met Elliott Yamin! For some reason, I'm at a loss for words. So I'll let the pictures and video do the talking. Besides, you want verbose? Pamy, Ina and Yam got that covered with their extensive entries. All I can say is, Elliott is still my favorite Idol. Hands down.

He's so got to come back!

Early Morning

10:00AM: Yes, I have Psych 101 on Friday mornings, but was I really going to pass up the chance to meet Elliott? I don't think so. Even before 10am, the lines outside TriNoMa were unusually long. And to think we were deluding ourselves into thinking not all of them would be there for Elliott. We were so wrong. When the doors flew open, I made a mad dash towards the concierge. Not bad, we were in the first third of the snake line. Whew, we were guaranteed one of the 400 tickets.

21 and 22!!!

10:30AM: So I was obviously not going to make it to class. Besides, why settle for normal tickets when we could get Meet And Greet tickets. How? By being the FIRST 50 buyers of Elliott's CD. Lucky for us, we were 20, 21 and 22. Believe me, we almost didn't make it, with all the people cutting lines. Thank goodness for people who speak up. No Cutting lines!

We want Elliott!!!

6:45PM: I made it back after my long day at school (where all I could think off was Elliott!) I made a quick dash home to look more decent -- I was going to meet Elliott after all! Of course I had to get stuck in traffic right in front of TriNoMa just for added frustration. Finally, I get a parking spot and run to the Activity Center. 5th Row baby! Not bad at all.

Wait For Me

7:00PM: Then Elliott comes out and the crowd gets as wild as Filipino crowds get. Pamy, Ina and I are going crazy and I know Yam is going crazy in her seat too! But everyone else is seated. Rawr. Still, people give him a great welcome. Singing songs from his album, I got to record a few on video. I just wanted to stand up and dance but I was the only one, so my shyness got the best of me. Still, it doesn't mean I didn't freaking enjoy.

Elliott performing Moving On

Elliott Sings Wait for You

with Russell!

8:30PM: So there's a hierarchy of meet and greets. The purple passes, the red passes, the pink passes, the white passes and guess what? There are NO orange passes. We just get our CDs signed, without a picture! Lovely. Still we make the most of it. After all, Elliott's bandmates are pretty hot too. Russell agreed to a picture with us. Mostly me, because my camera skillz aren't that great.

hot band!

9:00PM: So the other band members are pretty hot too. Why not take the opportunity. After chatting them up, I got this picture with them. All I can say is YUMMY. And friendly, but really they're freaking talented and hot too. what a combination!

elliotts still signing!

9:15PM: Finally, we get our chance to meet Elliott and though we weren't allowed to bring cameras onstage, others did, I brought the video camera and got a very crude recording of my lame ass self when I finally met him. Pamy and Ina have to settle for better video, with bad audio, but I guess you can't have it all.

Watch me go crazy and speechless when I meet Elliott

kiddie meal at pepper steak

10:00PM: Finally, we ate at Pepper Steak for dinner. Although I would have loved to stalk Elliott back at his hotel, my hunger was the top priority.

Stolen from outof_focus
Here with fellow Yaminoys, jamypye, 24fps, Ina, ME and outof_focus

Thanks Pamy, Ina, Yam and Cla! I had so much fun! Elliott's got to come back ASAP! Paid concert or not, I'm going to watch him in my I ♥ EY shirt! Love it! Head on over here for other pictures
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