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Pretty Green

Elliott Yamin's coming tomorrow and though I want to be excited, I can't. I have tons of work to do!!! There's final productions for BC 121 on Monday. There's the interview production in BC 102 tomorrow. Thanks to celeni for agreeing to be our interviewee. I really hope i get my voice back before tomorrow or I'm screwed!

I've been running on 4 hours of sleep these past few days and I don't think I'm going to get any more sleep in these next few days to go, so I'll be surprised if I don't drop dead at the strike of 4pm on Monday. Once finals are over for 121, that'll be 3 units down, 18 to go.

18 units of Comm Res 101 LOVE hate, 103 scriptwriting, 102 performance, Comm 120 law, Journ 101 articles, Psych 101 experiment hunting! I hate academic babble, but unfortunately, my life revolves around this right now.

And somewhere in Araneta Coliseum, Fall Out Boy is performing and I don't get to watch. Lovely.

Pink didn't work last time, so I tried my luck with green. Alas, the luck of the Irish didn't rub off on me either. It's funny cause the only person I wanted to elicit a reaction from, was the ONLY person who didn't give me a reaction.
Tags: college junior, un-google-able man
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