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After An Afternoon With You

In BC 103, our professor gave us tips on how to write a copy for a 30-second advertisement. As I was taking notes, I realized that her tips applied not only to writing, but in real life. In fact, the tips are so simple, yet sometimes we neglect to follow these 'easy' steps that guarantee good results.

I'm no advertiser, but if there's a product I'm supposed to be selling, it's definitely myself and my target audience is well him. It never hurt to try. Who knows, this product I might sell.

1. Compel audience HIM to listen
With how loud I usually am, I hope he's listening even just a little. And hopefully when I'm not as noisy as I usually am, he's still listening. Sophie says he listens to the stories I share, but then again, it's hard to ignore me when I'm a tad bit louder than the usual.

2. Cause your audience HIM to desire the product YOU
A tad bit harder than the first tip. It's not exactly a piece of cake to do -- especially as he's desiring someone else. I know he doesn't want me yet, but at least I know he's not repulsed by the sight of me. Safe at least.

3. Every word should count!
I'm most guarded when others are around, but when it's just down to a few people, I tend to open up more. Though I tend to ramble, there's usually some gem worth knowing underneath all the bullshit I spew. Marian tells me I tend to spit out useless/scary information and I should be more aware of the crap I'm saying, really.

4. Play with the listener's HIS emotions
Not really something I want to do, and it isn't something I want to be done to me either. Ma'am says she's not a fan of this tip either, but she says it works like a charm. I'm not THAT evil yet though.

5. Use the word YOU
With my insatiable thirst for information, I do tend to ask a lot of questions. So the word YOU gets thrown around a lot. Still, it wouldn't hurt if he threw the word YOU my way too. Celeni knows all about twenty questions -- and as she said, it's so pre-Internet days. That's if the guy in question is e-stalk-able, which in my case, he isn't.

6. Work for name recall
I can't really say I've made an impression on him, but I'm hoping in time that I will make some sort of dent in his life -- in the most shallow way probably. More than name recall, I'd like for him to actually seek me out. Sandy said he was able to spot me in a blurry group picture -- and though I'm not supposed to read into it -- I can't help but hope.

7. Entice the audience HIM to Buy Me PICK YOU
Can't force this on anyone. But isn't that what gayumas are for? No, I'm not that obsessed and crazy yet. Although Ruth says that if I do reach that level of crazy-for-you, she says it's warranted. That's good to know.

"One shouldn't be too hard on oneself when the object of one's affection returns the favor with rather less enthusiasm than one might have hoped." -- Rodney Fraser, The Object of My Affection

I wish I met you first -- complete with awkward smiles and inside jokes and revulsion for refined sugars.
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