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Gimme More, Please!

So by now, we all know what a mess Britney made of herself at the MTV Video Music Awards. I feel terrible for her because I really was hoping she'd make this her big comeback. Alas, I was wrong. This girl didn't even try. Blame it on nervousness or whatnot, there was much much more to be desired.

It's not even that she was out of shape, I could forgive her for that. The lip synching was forgiveable. But the dead eyes were a giveaway. This girl wasn't even going to try. So instead, I have here the UNCENSORED VMA performance. This had more life, seriously.

Britney in better days

Britney at the 1999 VMAs

I was still in the fantasy land wherein Britney and Justin would end up together and produce a progeny of popstar babies.

Britney at the 2000 VMA

My god this girl WAS hot. Nude stocking has never been so nude.

Britney at the 2001 VMA

Then she just took off her clothes and boy did she deserve to go naked.

Britney at the 2003 VMA

So the kiss overshadowed the performance, but at least Britney had some confidence.

Damn girl, you're just plain crazy.

On the other hand, I thought Chris Brown and Rihanna tore up the floor with "Wall to Wall" and "Umbrella." And Timbaland's medley was so amazing to close the show. If only they had opened it instead, because Britney's performance was just terrible.

Move over old timers, Chris Brown + injured Rihanna beats y'all

It's amazing cause ALL these songs are OUT right NOW. Timbaland is prolific alright.
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