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I Can Edit These Parts Out

Inspired by watching the movie, Pretty in Pink last Wednesday, I decided to try my luck with that color on Thursday for my ultra heavy day of reports and pitches. Clad in head to toe pink (in different shades of course), I tried my luck with the color that brought Andie her fortune.

I was hoping, like Andie, my Blane would notice me that day -- like the way he bought a record from her shop or made her a 'hi-tech' computer greeting. No such luck. And worse, though probably unintentional, he crunch-ed my heart. Not even his coached chivalry could make up for that.

And as he drove off, I could hear OMD's If You Leave play in my head. I have a feeling the only thing resembling Pretty in Pink in this scene is the Duckie-type-unrequited-lovelike that I'm harboring.

So much for my happy ending.
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