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He's NOT Kissing Her

In Marimar land, I realize that they must have a scene with water in every single episode. In episode 16, Innocencia (the made over relative hired by Angelika to break up Sergio and Marimar) conveniently falls out of the Santibanez yacht.

Of course, Sergio, clad in crisp white pants and a black v-neck sweater type, takes off his boat shoes, jumps in right after her to "save" his sexy secretary -- with all his clothes on. Right on time, Marimar and Angelika walk into the yacht and they see Sergio "kissing" Innocencia. He was obviously just giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Wait till the first minute is up for things to get interesting. But nothing beats this dialog.

Marimar: Sergio, hinahalikan mo siya? Sergio, ba't nagawa mo sa akin 'to? (you're kissing her? how could you do this to me?)
Sergio:Marimar, mali ang iniisip mo. Sinasagip ko lang ang buhay niya. (Marimar, what you're thinking is wrong. I'm just saving her)
Marimar: Sergio, kitang-kita kong hinahalikan mo siya (Sergio, I can see that you're kissing her.)
Sergio: Hindi ko siya hinahalikan. Binibigyan ko lang siya ng mouth to mouth resuscitation. Ginagawa talaga yan sa mga taong nalulunod. (I'm not kissing her, I'm just giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. This is really done to people who drown)

Oh Marimar. When will you learn? Marimar is the most naive person in the world. I can't wait till she finally gains some wits. But her cute-ness is redeeming her with every stupid action she does. And really, if it weren't for Sergio's perennial half naked-ness, I'd quit this show. But really. He's too hard to resist.

And today, from the BC 103 exercise: Liver... Leave Her and from the t-shirt of my korean classmate: Pick Me. Pick Me. Yeah
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