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Wake Me Up When September Ends (part 2)

These next few weeks are no joke. I've got papers and productions and presentations to do all before the end of the semester. Still, with every day that passes by, I get to tick off a box in my calendar of crap to do.

Today, I finished my last solo production for BC 121, a magazine talk show. Thanks to Steph too_lazy, I had a fabulous guest for my "talk show." It certainly wasn't perfect, but thanks to my fantabulous crew, AD Simon, TD Sandy, FD Panx, Camera People: Jervi, Gel, Ruth, SE Tiffie, VTR Laksh, Graphic Handler Len, Crew Meg, Tiff and Loren and of course my host and forever talent Eden!

Steph on Eden!

I totally owe you forever!

I wasn't even directing anymore. My crew knew exactly what to do and they did it good enough for me. I hope I didn't let anyone down though, crew-wise. I'm also going to miss our professor who's leaving us for finals (he's going to Korea).

Now all I've got to do is endless scripts for BC 103, performances for 102, finals for 121, exams and reports for Psych 101, papers, recitation and finals for Comm 120, articles and exams for Journ 101, and of course, the freaking Comm Res 101 paper. Lovely.

Still, I'm just glad that 121 solo productions are over.

I can say that I've closed the door, but you're still on my brain
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