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Sergio! Take it Off!!!

On my third week of Marimar and Sergio's not always blissful marriage, I think I deserve to see an actual love scene. Sure, it's primetime television, but all those kilig moments could only take them so far. After all, no matter how "innocent" this chick was; she does have hormones which hopefully react to the hotness of Sergio. And hello, they're married?!?

Last week, thanks to their quickie marriage and Sergio's torn conscience, there wasn't much action. And for some strange reason, Sergio NEVER takes off his top. Okay, so he does, for that one brief beach scene that pays homage to James Bond. But still, not enough topless scenes from Sergio.

When Sergio gets into the bath tub with Marimar, he's got his clothes on! Who the hell gets into a bathtub with their clothes on? Okay, so he "fell in," but dude, take it off when you're inside! Please the fangirls!!! But I was prepared to forgive that. After all, he might god forbid, startle Marimar who was apparently comfortable being 'naked' in the tub with her hubby.

Then he goes and gets a massage wearing pajama bottoms and a shiny bathrobe. I was expecting him to disrobe once he laid down on the massage table, but alas! He stayed FULLY CLOTHED!!! What's up with this, Sergio? who the hell gets massages with a bathrobe on? What was the use of showing Marimar putting on oil on her hands if she was going to spread it all over your satin bathrobe?

This got me wondering, what is stopping Sergio from taking off his top? Is it the GP rating? They surely have a lot of semi-naked Angelika (Katrina Halili) to be worried about this. Was Dingdong's body out of shape? I don't think so either, because all his plunging shirts show a pretty defined pectoral area.

Then my Journ 101 classmtes enlightened me. Apparently, Dingdong Dantes's nipples are supposedly 'asymetrical!' WHAT? I couldn't believe it when they told me this in the middle of class. Apparently, even Dingdong's Hanford advertisements show him with a kamiseta wifebeater on. And even their Marimar pictorial has Marian Rivera strategically covering at least one nipple.

As much as i refuse to believe this, it could actually be true. There had to be some imperfection in Dingdong after all. But tonight. Tonight was the night when Marimar and Sergio consumate their marriage -- or so I'd like to believe -- in an open field by the river, at night, under the RAIN.


*Patty dies*

Dingdong takes off his top! Finally!
Let it load till the 2:10 mark and watch the rain fall!

Who knew they ACTUALLY used superimpose on primetime TV. I thought this age old technique was only abused in college TV productions. Apparently not. I guess to confuse viewers and to take the attention away from the actual 'love scene,' Marimar editors decided to superimpose the rain pouring on the river ON the soft porn kissing scene of husband and wife.

My only Marimar friend who isn't ashamed to admit to it, Sophie sends me a text message right away saying: "The superimpose of the rain is CRAZY. Wahahahaha." I wonder what Sir Jun would say, honestly. But Sophie also said that the Marian-Dingdong chemistry is so undeniable, that we feel terrible for Karylle. This girl should NOT WATCH local television because she will be sorely jealous. Unless of course, she gets her own personal dose of Sergio Dingdong -- none GP version of course.

Not their best moment, but I forgive them. Why? Because finally, Sergio TAKES OFF HIS TOP! What a moment. At the moment he whips off his already loosely unbuttoned top, I simultaneously gasp for air and experience a heart attack. Perfect combination.

Nevertheless, I doubt Marimar can top tonight's extravaganza even if they tried. Unless Marimar grows up and gets all lusty overnight and finally realizes she is married to SERGIO hottie Santibanez, who every girl is after, including her nemesis and resident sexpot Angelika who will do anything to tear the happy couple up, include pimp her newly transformed cousin, Innocencia, then the show has probably reached it's peak.

Please god, don't let this be the peak. Please let Sergio turn into a nudist! Oh wait, Cosmopolitan was listening. Dingdong is the coverboy for the Hunks Issue. God loves me after all.
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