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Day in the Life (like this blog isn't)

I've never felt so unsure of my work.

At 9pm tonight, I had to submit my BC 103 midterm (radio documentary). To begin with, I wasn't sure if my topic (the Spinola Sisters feeding program for the poor) was radio-dokyu-worthy. I did my interviews and I did my research. But the actual writing got me worried. This class wasn't ever easy and my grades here were never great either. I had to make this midterms great.

I didn't even cram -- I actually started nights in advanced, but somehow I found myself doing last minute editing till 8:30 pm when I finally submitted it. And still, I'm not happy with the content or the way I wrote it. I'm so not cut out for radio script writing. This is serious shit.

Today though, I felt so productive. After my morning class, I rush over to Ateneo to film the wonderful Steph for her VTR. Up until this afternoon, I haven't really been into Ateneo. Sure, I do the usual drive through to pick up my brothers and I've been into the Zen Garden ONCE, but I never really WENT went to Ateneo.

So there I am, obviously lost in the parking lot. I spot a cute guy seated on this bench who kindly directs me to the the MVP Building. Lovely, it isn't so far after all. Thanks to Steph for agreeing to be my interviwee this Monday. I so owe you forever!

Then, I rush back to UP for J101, where we still don't report! Ma'am told us we're up next week and I really hope we are, because I don't know how much I can still remember from our report that we made ages ago.

I apparently have to repeat my police story, because a hit-and-run doesn't have much news value. I asked her what she thought had news value and she said robberies and homicides. So right after class, I rush to the UP Police Department and go through the blotter. Lucky for me, (unlucky for the victim) I find a hold-up robbery item. Poor kid, she was just on her way to Physics, when two unidentified male suspects steal her cellphone and digital camera.

As if that wasn't enough, I had to go back to the CMC Library for a 'mock' make up class for Comm 120, where we just sign our names on a sheet of paper. Thank goodness Danica is a sweetheart. She let's everyone sign without actually staying in the library for work on our paper that is sure to be difficult.

As if that wasn't enough, by the time I get home it's already 5:30pm and I have to edit my 103 script! I'm so busy, I don't get to attend mass (and I have this strange feeling my priest is the one presiding today). I swear! School is getting in the way of the 'more' important things in life!

And right after I submitted my 103, I moved on to Comm Res 101 report on case study. I'm not even sure if what I'm doing is correct, but at least I've got group mates to share the blame with. After this, it's on to editing my VTR insert! I swear, there is no time for rest around here.

It sounds like a crazy day, but actually it's one of my more relaxed days, yet I feel so productive. Who knew you could pack in so much activity in 24 hours? I can't wait 'til this semester is over.

When you gonna let somebody in? You might get hurt just a little bit. Vulnerable, I refuse to be.
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