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One Just Ain't Enough

Of all days to have my voice run out on me, it had to be on the day of my BC 102 midterms. This class is radio speech and performance. How was I supposed to perform without my voice?

This morning at around 1am, as I edited our Comm Res 101 paper, instead of practicing or sleeping, I could feel my voice fading away. My throat was on fire and with every minute I stayed up making our conceptual model, I knew my voice was disappearing.

It's not like I was just staying up. The day had been exhausting. My first day back in school after 9 days of rest was a full day. BC 103 finally had class and my canned tape project was critiqued. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst either. Going to the Makati RTC to cover a preliminary hearing wasn't easy, and I think my professor understood that. Still, I was hoping for a better reaction.

Now we've got to do a radio documentary and I'm still clueless as to how I'm supposed to go about this. And since there's no longer the ulterior motive to make things more interesting, this is just going to be one of those projects I've got to do. And with the grades I'm getting in this class, this thing has got to be good. Lovely. Pressure.

And for the second time, we get a false alarm in Journ 101. We don't get to report again -- which is really pissing me off, because I hate it when things keep getting pushed and I'm ready for it, or at least feigning readiness.

I got a little pissed though, because our professor used my homework (a lead on our MOST memorable experience) as the example of HOW NOT TO WRITE a lead for a police story. What the hell? Seriously. I don't mind being criticized/critiqued -- I just hope it's in the context of what it was made for. Since when were most memorable experiences considered police stories anyway?

I was so angry, I looked for Bev in the skywalk, but she wasn't there, so I ended up ranting to Rach! in the library. I had to let it out because I would end up crying if I didn't let it out. And seriously, J101 does NOT deserve my tears.

And because we were encouraged to attend this dissertation presentation at CSWCD at 5.30pm, I had time to burn. Ruth, Marian, Sandy and I dropped by Vinzon's for the Final Interview of one of our org's applicants. And the moment I walked into the room, I realized just how much I miss my org!!!

I'd like to blame my missing them on the fact that we have no tambayan, but I have to admit, I've been awfully busy with academics too. Last year, with the tambayan and less responsibilities, I was spent almost every waking hour with my org-mates, and now I barely even see them -- just in passing on my way to the library or to class. I wish things were like last year.

Eventually, we had to leave for the forum. I have to say, it wasn't exactly my cup of tea. We were there because we had to write a political piece on it for J101, but really I didn't get half of what was said. It was on Women in the Unions during 1901-1941 and it was in Filipino. I was in way over my head. I have to give a shout out to Dr. Taguiwalo though because the amount of research that she put into that dissertation was obvious. Still, it doesn't mean I understood anything.

It was so fun though because my seatmates and I were all confused together. In between doodling and passing notes, I managed to stay awake. And we were waiting for the munting salu-salo (small gathering = FOOD) afterwards. It lasted three hours, complete with special appearance from Ka-Bel (Congressman Crispin Beltran -- who was apparently in jail with Dr, Taguiwalo.) By the time the food eating came around, we were starving!

The food did not disappoint too. Yummy. Pansit (noodle-dish) was fabulous. I went back for three servings -- one for every hour I sat through the talk.

So I ended up getting my voice back. Thank goodness. It took a lot of shutting up and three spoonfuls of Pei Pa Koa. That is my elixir. I should get more rest next time. As if.


Last weekend, Sandy, Anna and I ushered for our college's fund raiser. It was a dinner-dance and boy were the people there to dance. Tickets weren't cheap, but the place was packed. Well, I'm glad. Generosity goes a long way and it's helping my college anyway.

I'm not a make up kind of person, because I'm personally lazy and unskilled in this department. But thanks to the genius that is Jervi, our resident make up artist, I was able to glam up for the night. Seriously, he is a genius. I was a little wary of him using green eyeshadow, but it actually turned out pretty good.

jervis is a genius

It wasn't easy walking in heels, back and forth from table to registration back to the tables, but it was fun. It was weird seeing professors in a non-academic light, but I just really enjoyed cam-whoring with Anna and Sandy. Sandy took a ton of pictures, but this was my favorite.

time of our life
Photo courtesy of Sandy

I have a month and a half left of the first semester and the work is just getting more difficult. Seriously. Comm Res is taking over my life. If only it were the only thing in my life. Then of course, there are the Broad Comm major subjects. Stress is love.

so what if I'm a masochist? It's my nasty habit, I know. Still, I would never lead you on.
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