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Colors Everywhere

I'm a homebody, I know that. I was so happy to have my 9 day break and just chill at home (though I was swamped with work). Still, if there was something I'd miss about going to school, it would be seeing my friends.

I seriously don't know how I'd survive third year without them. Marian, Sandy and Ruth have kept me together this semester and things are so much better with them around. Tomorrow, I finally get to see them again and for that, I can't wait.


So I have a J101 report to give tomorrow, and I'm really nervous for it. I need to do well here because I've had three missed meetings to prepare for this. Still, that doesn't mean I know my report any better -- it just means, I've got more time to mess it up. Here goes nothing

I never got to post about my BC 121 music video that happened last Monday. It wasn't perfect, but it was good enough. I didn't think my set would look good (considering I was taping crepe paper the night before while watching ANTM), but it surprisingly looked pretty good.

ranibow bright!

Who knew crepe paper would project well on TV? I'm just glad it's over. Magazine show and final drama and I'm done with 121 forever -- rather to bring up my grade!

So much for out of sight, out of mind. Without knowing it, you've redeemed yourself.
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