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Wake Up Call

I've been on hiatus for 8 days now and tomorrow will be my 9th day of rest and it's not doing my academics any good. I'm not the type of person to do work right away -- crammer in other words. And that's never a good thing.

Thank goodness for responsible classmates, like Sophie or I would be lost. Seriously, Patty! Get out of your dream state. I need to organize my life. Right now.

Although I don't watch Celebrity Duets (the only reason I was going to watch it: jazz_stiletto is gone, so there really isn't much of a push), Pamy had to bring this little video to my attention.

Excruciating to watch, yes. It was a little awkward to see two guys duet to "She Bangs." Still, looks like Tim Yap is still in the running, so it couldn't have been that terrible. Oh wait, these are text votes. Now I see.

I feel like I'm on semestral break thanks to the disruption in classes. Now it's going to be difficult going back to the actual grind of things. This isn't good. Shoot me now.
Tags: college junior, philippine idol
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