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Bless Me Father

Because every school project has to have an ulterior motive to make it more fun, I decided that for my BC 103, radio documentary project -- wherein you had to make a documentary on ANYTHING relevant and documentary worthy -- I'd focus on our Church's Mission Center project.

Now who could I possibly interview for this oh-so-important school project? Why the head of the Mission Center project of course -- none other than our parish priest (better known as Patty's priest crush).

Yes, I go to mass more often than I used to -- for reasons other than the priest, but I'm not active per se in the Church, so the priests don't really know me. So tonight, I went up to our other priest, pretending I didn't know who I could interview for this project of mine. And of course, he directed me to THE parish priest.

I'm there gathering guts and trying to feign the innocent student look, when I hear from my mother that dear parish priest is hella busy this week because of the said Mission Center that I plan on interviewing him about. He's so busy in fact, he hasn't been able to say mass this week (something I did notice, believe me) and he's constantly in meetings with his little army of Pastoral council members.

And when I saw him a while ago, looking busy and cute, wearing normal clothes (those brown pants again), holding an umbrella and balancing his laptop, I told myself to concentrate instead of starting outside the church towards the parish office.

So alas, my little plan to get an interview is a failure. So much for getting to know more about our priest the mission center. I guess it's God's way of telling me to reign in my emotions and not pull of a Crimen del Padre Amaro. Not that I had planned on doing so anyway. Our parish priest is so not yet on the level of Gael.

But dude, for real life, he so doesn't need to level with Gael.
Tags: college junior, guilty crushes, religion
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