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Head and Shoulders

So I'm not really a newspaper person. If not for Journ 101, I would confine myself to the Entertainment section and I'd be very very happy. Lifestyle will lure me every once in a while and of course, I can't deny myself some comics and Sudoku.

But this did bother me for some reason.

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So I'm no newspaper editor, and I know the country isn't exactly in a state of war, so there wouldn't be an obvious headline. But really? I didn't know dandruff was that much of a pressing issue.

That was until I looked at the bottom of the paper's front page and see that CLEAR Shampoo has a banner advertisement smack in the bottom of the front page. Is this even allowed? Or rather, is it ethical?

What happened to impartiality? I know this has probably been happening since forever and it's not like I really read Manila Bulletin anyway, but for those who read it, I think the deserve to be informed of better news.

At first, I actually thought it was a joke. Like it was a spoof or a special section of the MB that day that was a paid advertisement. But it was actually the real front page.

Was there NOTHING more important to report that day? Or did Clear Shampoo give an offer they couldn't resist? I know that newspapers make money from their sponsors and they most probably needed the money that desperately. But were do they draw the line?

I can't believe I'm this affected. For some reason, I can't wait to share this in J101 class. Hello, Ma'am, I have kwento!

And suddenly, I didn't wonder anymore.
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