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Active Viewership

Isn't it ironic? Now that I'm in a course (broadcast communication) that supposedly leads to a career in the mass media (tv and radio), I find myself doubting the news more and more.

Of course, I'd just love to believe this. I'm still a normal, thinking student after all. Now if only CMC professors believed Malacanang too.

Classes at all levels suspended Thursday--Palace

MANILA, Philippines -- (UPDATE) Because of continued bad weather, Malacañang has suspended classes at all levels in Metro Manila and several Luzon provinces on Thursday, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said Wednesday evening.

The suspension originally covered only the elementary and high school levels but Bunye later said Commission on Higher Education chairman Carlito Puno recommended the suspension of college classes at 6:45 p.m.
-- taken from Inquirer
I should be happy, but I'm somehow NOT beleiving it yet. I have this strange feeling I'll wake up tomorrow (after a long night of slaving away on papers) and see the sun up and bam! We've got class.
Tags: college junior, weather and calamities
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