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I Want My 15 Minutes!!!!

So I'd hate to break my unwanted hiatus from LiveJournal with a rant, but right now, it's all I've got. And I'm not even an angry person by nature. In fact, I'm so fucking happy all the time, people think I'm on drugs.

I know life isn't fair. God I know that. Everyday that I see the un-google-able man walk off into the sunset with girl in tow, I know life isn't fair. But that I can handle. Because I know that I really have NO control over that.

But BC 121 rehearsal, I do. Being in the third batch of directors is seen as an "advantage" because we have the MOST time to prepare. But I see it as a disadvantage. Sir expects more of the third batch. Some of the people from the first two batches are lax already and some don't care. Third, I'm the LAST ever producer/director, and that means NO TIME FOR REHEARSAL???

But wait, shouldn't everyone have THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME TO REHEARSE??? Isn't that the way it should be? I guess not. People extend for even JUST ONE MINUTE and everyone extends and before you know it, I have NO FUCKING TIME LEFT.

And what sucks is people are so fucking inconsiderate. They just don't care. Of course, let's not generalize. It's not everyone. But those few make me want to explode. Seriously.

Yes, at that rate, it's censored. If only I could yell at the top of my lungs. And pull people's hair out. Or have a full on catfight. But I'm too chicken, so this rant will have to do.

Somehow today, not even you could make me happy.
Tags: college junior, un-google-able man
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