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July : Secret Heart (Feist)

Secret heart
What are you made of
What are you so afraid of

Could it be
Three simple words
Or the fear of being overheard
What's wrong

Let em' in on your secret heart

Secret Heart
Why so mysterious
Why so sacred
Why so serious
Maybe you're
Just acting tough
Maybe you're just not man enough
What's wrong

Let em' in on your secret heart

This very secret
That you're trying to conceal
Is the very same one
That You're dying to reveal
Go tell her how, how you feel

Secret heart come out and share it
This loneliness, few can bear it
Could it have something to do with
Admitting that you just can't go through it alone?

Let em' in on your secret heart

Go out and share it
This very secret heart

This song was in tough competition with Universe and U by KT Tunstall, but this won due to its overplay in the last two weeks. It's like an updated version of Crush by Mandy Moore. How can I not love crush songs? That's all I ever relate to anyway. Music was lovely, lyrics were perfect. And July is over.
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