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Feel Like a Star

After high school, I haven't been to a lot of "formal" events. Gone are the days of debuts every weekend. That means, no chance for dressing up. And though it saves a lot of money and hassle, I missed getting dolled up.

That's why I got so excited when my org decided to have a quasi-dressed up party to celebrate it's 14th year! Though not as dressed up as debuts at hotels, I was going to grab any chance I got to see everyone outside school clothes.

Ladies Night

Though I came a little late, I didn't miss dinner (the most vital part of every party). I surprisingly didn't eat a lot though. It was nice to see everyone looking good.

Sandy and I have the same camera so we decided to take a picture of each other taking pictures of each other. Confusing? Not really, we tried doing a mirror image, but I'm not quite sure if it came out well.

Mirror Image!

egamI rorriM

To see more pictures of that night, head on over to my multiply to see more camwhorage. 'Til next year's anniversary.
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