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More Than Anyone

There was a time when my dad and I could NOT get along. Anything he said would rub me the wrong way and I was just never correct. Things were pretty terrible. It was a constant fight for who was right or whatever.

Thank god that's over. It took me 18 years to get over myself and for my dad to realize I was just really a lot sensitive, just like him. We looked at this astrology book in National Bookstore and it said that those born on February 11 and July 26 were soulmates -- I refused to believe it before, but now I'm actually starting to agree.

Dad is Love

My dad isn't perfect, but he surely is perfect for me. To the most loving, caring, hardworking, intelligent, funny and handsomest to the bajillionth power -- to the man, all the boys I crush on measure up against, have a happy happy happy birthday, daddy! Here's to a long long long long and happy and healthy life ahead of you. I'm sure you want to see your future royal grandchildren. But before that, you'll have to walk me down the aisle first (at Westminster Abbey, of course).
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