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To the the Kind of Girl You Want So Much

To the girl who refuses to switch over to LiveJournal, who always brightens up my Saturday class, who has two red chuck Taylors (just cause the other one is speical edition); who is 1 of 4 people who will forever understand the relevance of the study on La Consolacion College; who understands my love for all things Idol; who doesn't use hi-lighters (sp?); who loves cyanide, but is ashamed to admit it; who won't ride anything but the Philcoa jeepney; who adores the Beatles more than life; who dropped me off at my car in the parking lot; who told me that Elliott is coming to Manila!
Ana is Number 1

Happy Happy Birthday Ana!
Thanks for making CWTS so much more exciting
for brightening up my Saturdays
and for making college way more worthwhile!
Love you lots lots lots ♥
Tags: birthday, izzle love
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