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The Best Is Yet To Come

Just as GMA had her joint session of Congress during the SONA last Monday, the BC 121 classes of Sir Austria also had a little joint session this morning to rehearse for the first batch of music videos we'd be having next week.

I usually LOATHE going to school on Wednesdays, but today it wasn't so bad. In fact, other than the three hours I had to sit through Psych 101 make up classes, it was pretty good.

It was great to practice with the other class, because these folks are like professionals. I felt like such a novice with them because they were so calm; I couldn't believe we were in the same batch. I was so impressed by their video inserts. I mean seriously, these people are professionals. They so made me want to spruce up my crummy video inserts. Talk about pressure.

And since I was tapped to be an extra talent for some of the inserts, it was funny to watch them come to life. I had already pre-warned my director's that I was a really bad actress, so they couldn't take it against me. My Mean Girls scene for Sophie's prod was hilarious. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I was trying my best to be the taray queen that I'm not.

But really, Luis's "Kiss Me" insert was the craziest. Everyone else got a guy as a pair, except for me! Because of the shortage of guys in CMC, I get Anna instead. But really, who am I to complain? It was funny to see myself on tv, kissing Anna (on the cheek), but really I think we got the best deal, and I'm not even biased.

The TV studio was crazy hectic -- the producing group would be frantically moving around, while the other half were just making noise. That was until someone brought out an FHM magazine and suddenly, the girls were all quietly huddled around it -- pointing out all the airbrushed details and wondering which breasts were fake or real. No wonder FHM is the largest selling magazine. See Sophie! I learned something from your J101 report!

Anyway, during practice we find out that it's Kuya A's birthday tomorrow and he won't be here to celebrate his 50th birthday! Now Kuya A is the best technician ever. He's solved every single problem we could ever encounter. He's just an all around great guy. So in between prod's I rush over to Choc Kiss to get a cake and run back to CMC.

Kuya A looked really shocked and happy and obviously overwhelmed. It was nice to see him blowing out his five candles and give a speech about always going on with life no matter how difficult. And because his birthday is tomorrow, that's yet another celebrant added to July 26.

To see more camwhoring action, head on over to this album. BC 121 folks just can't get enough of ourselves. I can't either.

And in other news, Luis and I are assigned to cover the trial against First Gentleman Mike Arroyo at the Makati Regional Trial Court tomorrow morning at 8:30am. How's that for scary? I'm so not prepared, and I'm so nervous. Here goes nothing.

I'm suddenly speechless around you. I guess there's not much I can say or do to change your mind otherwise. This very secret that I'm trying to conceal -- is the very same one, that I'm dying to reveal Feis's "Secret Heart" just kills me.
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