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Voice Post: Just One Month?

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“Are you talking about academic's? Unfortunately right now right is ruled by academic's. At this moment my family has gone out for the weekend & unfortunately thanks to Sat classes, I have no weekend. My Sun's are spent preparing for Mon. My no class Wed's are spent preparing for next few days & really every waking moment I have is the vote of the school. I barely even have time to take a bath or sleep or even eat. Thank God for distractions, otherwise this school year would be really shitty. ___ how much of a loser I am, I haven't watched the latest Harry Potter movie, I haven't read the last Harry Potter book & I can't believe I let the school, let school take over, but unfortunately even if I try not to be hard working, it's just doing the minimum takes up a lot of time. I really can't wait for the Sun(?) break because this is going to be the most restful hopefully Sun(?) break I will take. 21 Units is no joke & I can't believe I'm taking another 21 next time.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post

In fairness, the auto transcription is getting better at deciphering my garbled words. Thanks BC 102 for forcing me to enunciate and articulate better. I'm so going to get the next one perfect.
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