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Another Place To Fall

Wednesdays function as my Saturdays due to wonderful weekend classes. Today, that wasn't the case. Thanks to Psych 101, I sat through 3 hours of make-up class, when really, we haven't missed a single meeting.

I have to say that I actually really enjoy this class. I don't feel pressured to think out of the box (BC 102), think like a reporter (BC 103), think like a director (BC 121), think like a lawyer (Comm 120), think of objectives (Comm Res 101), I just have to think about myself and how I think.

The three hours flew by (sort of) and I had to go to the Film Center to watch Orapronobis -- as an incentive to raise our dismal grades in BC 103. Unfortunately, when I got there, the line for buying tickets extended from the ticket counter all the way to the front of Molave Residence Hall. That's far.

I have to commend UP students though for keeping the line oh so orderly. I texted Sophie and apparently the good girl was already inside and there were no seats left. I was feeling terrible. I needed to get in so badly, or at least get my hands on a ticket. Then I see other classmates, Anna, James, Gwen, Luis and Caleb also outside with me. I'm not alone!

The lines were really long, that they ran out of tickets for the first screening and were only selling for the 7pm showing of a documentary. I figured I already had my ticket; I'd have to look for my own copy of the movie and watch it. Lining up ended up becoming an event unto itself as I queued with org mates. Click here to see the long long lines in front of Cine Adarna.

ma'am we tried!

After lining up, I bring Anna to Econ, where I see celeni! Obviously, there's only ONE thing to do. Time to camwhore! But really, it was great to see you, even if we spent only a few minutes together.

move over wakefield twins

Law of Proximity - Elements that are closer together will be perceived as a coherent object.
Or as Pacey Whitter, so eloquently put it: "When you like somebody, proximity is a good thing -- regardless of how they feel about you." This makes me wonder, was Kevin Williamson a Gestalt psychologist?
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