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Not So Secret Heart

I should really stay away from the computer. Today, I spent my free afternoon in the library and apparently, I can get A LOT of work done there. It's funny though because the CMC library is the NOISIEST library in the universe. Seriously. When it's quiet, people are still talking. When it's noisy, there's a party going on.

The librarians kept ringing the bell and there would be a temporary hush before the noise would start back up again. It's crazy, I tell you. Nevertheless, I got my share of the RRL done, so I'm really happy with myself.

Izzles + RRL = LOVE

Today, I also met up with Kim because she's finally back in town! We watched Transformers, and because I'm late and everyone has moved on to Harry Potter, I just have to say that Shia LaBeouf is the most endearing guy ever. Who knew that kid from Even Stevens would be so damn fine. Oh, and he's just one year older. Say hello to my list of hotties.

I have so many things to be thankful for today, so I decided to make a list of things that were soooo love today:

♥ Izzles (anna and ana)
Seriously, these girls make Comm Res 101 so much more bearable. Thank goodness we're in one group, because I couldn't imagine sifting through thesis upon thesis looking for related, relevant literature and making sure I wasn't fucking plagiarizing. I so love intellectual honesty.
♥ The CMC Library
Yes, it's the noisiest and not even the coldest, but it's seriously the most un-boring library ever. Due to the noise, it's so easy to eavesdrop (you can't help it, by the way) on the interesting conversations that happen around CMC. It's also prime location for certain sightings.
♥ Multiply Girlfriend, Kay Kwan
I can talk to this girl for hours and NOT get bored. I know I can talk to her about academic babble and not sound like the desperate grade conscious dimwit that I actually am. And at the same time gush over the "many" cute boys males in CMC. She's also my 2nd favorite CommRes student and I'm so amazed at how she actually survived 101 and with flying colors at that.
♥ Reviving Ixus
Because the camera has been resuscitated, though not back to its fighting form, I now get to cam-whore with my favorite co-cam-whores, Ruth and Marian. And because my entire org was in yellow, the pictures are hella bright. Click here for more.
Kim Tsao, you like me?
I heart Gwen Stefani to bits -- and really anything that has to do with her. That's why when Kim handed me a Harjuku Lovers bag, I literally died. Kim, you are the sweetest ever! We must meet up again before you go back to SF.

Harajuku is LOVE

i'll try venturing into non-vague-ness... crummy schedule: check. no-talking: check. excessive collection of tissue: check. wilted sampaguita: check. talikod-genic: check. all adding up to a perfect 10.
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