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Suddenly I See

No, I haven't watched Harry Potter yet. And just to elevate my loser status, I haven't watched Transformers either. Why you ask? SCHOOL.

I've only been in school for ONE MONTH and I feel like I've done work enough for an entire school year. I've done countless papers, reports, group works, videos, productions, scripts, readings, recitations that can last me a lifetime. And on top of that, I've got org work that is stressing me out.
BC 121 I've already produced my first production, which didn't turn out so bad. I have a timing problem, I don't cue my talents properly and my backdrop wasn't aspect ratio.

Like that wasn't enough, this Monday, we've got to submit our pre-production organizer for our Music Video production already. Help! I haven't even taken a breath from last production and we already have to plan and submit our storyboards for the next one! I need to breathe please. I know in the real world, there is no breathing room, so I guess I have no choice.

BC 102 We just finished our group work and I'm so thankful I've got the most kick ass groupmates ever. James and Ali are way too responsible, that I have no choice but to become responsible for fear of being the irreleng (irrelevant) groupmate. Our first project was a great success, and I'm so glad that's over.

BC 103 So I suck at writing in Filipino, moreso when under pressure. I can't say that I'm ever going to improve, but I really hope I do for the sake of this class. Our professor is so brilliant, I feel so incapable in her presence, but she really makes me want to improve, which is a good thing. And she's so new-school-practical in her methods.

We have to make documentary script or actual tape. I think I'm going to die before I actually get to produce that. I'm so nervous during that class, because we have to keep producing scripts before the end of class. Not cool. What's cool or rather cold though, is that classroom! I'm freezing my ass off. I should remember to bring a jacket.

Comm 120 This subject is beyond any help for me. I don't understand the law. I think I should consult with a lawyer or a lawyer-to-be. Hello jazz_stiletto! I'm so going to screw up the graded recitation. People like Mimi or Sophie or Kay make me feel so unprepared because these girls KNOW THE BOOK. They know the cases. Sir! Please don't call me tomorrow.

Comm Res 101 First, the pile of readings gathering dust on my table. Seriously, I spend more than P50 a week on readings I never get to finish. I should be more diligent. I really should. Then there's the paper. Thank god for my super groupmates. Ana, Anna, Sophie, and Mimi are the best ever.

But the work is way too demanding. We needed a problem right away and now we have to come up with objectives, which is apparently hard work. This is why I'm NOT in Comm Res!!! I hate this!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK this!!! And they happen on Saturdays!

Journ 101 We haven't gotten into the actual writing and are still in the group reports, but for some reason, I'm really enjoying this class. Maybe it's because Sophie and I just keep making noise to keep us awake. But really, this subject, for now, just really makes me happy. I really think it's the class I enjoy most, despite the many distractions and sideshows. For now, at least.

But really, no offense to the Comm Res majors, but Comm Res 101 is the class I look forward to least. I know that we'll need this for our thesis, but really, this is not what I signed up for. I suck at writing papers. I hate making objectives. I just suck. This is not working.

And in a fit of rambling: glasses make some men look way hotter. I want to be given turon from the canteen too. The library is hotter. The canteen is yummier. The lobby more inviting. A new plate number to memorize. So vague, yet so obvious. Suddenly, I see.
Tags: college junior, guilty crushes, un-google-able man
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