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Should I Be Scared? Flattered? Insulted?

So a few days ago, I check my Friendster. I'm always logged on, but I rarely get to check my page there already. I know I spend my life online, but these past few weeks, school has taken over my life, so when I do get online, I spend it mostly on LJ or on gossip.

Anyway, I see that someone has sent me a smile. How sweet. Then I read the message, and well, I was a little scared -- and they're not so sweet after all.
Date:Friday, 6 July, 2007 11:34 AM
Subject" ****** has sent you a smile
Message:****** wants to brighten your day with a smile.
A message from ******:
hey I was reading your profile and you seem kinda interesting I've been thinking about trying new things, exploring my wild side and i've been wanting to try a discreet fling. I'm an athlete and a model, and I come from a good school. As indecent as this proposal sounds, i'm a decent guy in general. I guess i just wanna put some excitement into my life. You interested? maybe you could leave your YM or your number so we could talk about it.:)
So I'm a little freaked, but hey, at the same time, a tiny bit flattered. Sure, it's an indecent, weird proposal, but I always manage to attract weirdos and psychos anyway -- and believe me, I'm not happy about it. I obviously don't give him my number, my YM or my time of day. I had planned on blogging about it, but again, school took over.

That is until I saw that thequene posted THE EXACT SAME MESSAGE on her LJ, because she too, has gotten the same damn message. So really, I felt relieved that I wasn't the only one he targeted, but at the same time, I feel less special in a weird way, because apparently, the stupid thing wasn't even personal to begin with.

But really, what is wrong with me. I so feel like Peyton from One Tree Hill now -- only I have no Lucas, no kick-ass record collection, no internship, but hey, I've got my Psycho-Dereks. I so don't want to be Peyton right now.
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