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Push The Button! Which Button?!?

Well it had to happen. We had our first production for BC 121 and thanks to Murphy's Law, things were fine and dandy as expected. And to think I wasn't even producing today, I was a mere crew member. And boy did I mess things up every where I went. I felt like I had the Midas-touch gone bad. Everything I touched went terribly wrong.
Assistant Director to Loren: Okay, so I kept time and things were smooth during rehearsals, but when it came to the actual production, things were getting messed up so badly, I got yelled at by our professor -- which surprisingly didn't make me cry. Go Patty! The floodgates have been controlled. I'm not proud for fucking up, but I'm proud this didn't elicit an entire crying jag.

Technical Director to Tiffany: Things were again okay during rehearsals. In fact, if I didn't space out (NOT GOOD), things were pretty good on my end. Except I totally spazzed and didn't FADE OUT on cue so not good. I feel terrible. And I do apologize, but that's not going to take anything back. Still, this isn't to say I'm the ONLY ONE causing the fuck ups, but I still feel responsible.

Floor Director to Meg: I felt best at this. Sure, my voice was a little too loud, but I didn't feel like I fucked this one up. I cued the talent and was able to make things go a little smoother on the floor. Pamy attributes my success to the unconscious devotion to Butch the floor director at Philippine Idol. I think she's right.

Camera 1 to Len: Usually Camera 1 is for the graphic cards, but because I'm lucky, I get a combination of graphic cards and the talent, which isn't easy. Although everyone probably can pull it off, I can't seem to do it. I mess up so badly, Sir comes to the floor and yells at me. Lovely. But take note, I still don't cry. Patty's getting stronger.

Camera 2 to Laksh: I also get a combination of graphics and talent here, and I'm sure I messed it up somehow. But at this point, everyone was really very confused, so I'm sure I wasn't the only one feeling like we totally did things the wrong way.

Talent to Tiffie: I felt most awkward about this, because I don't like being in front of the camera. Especially when I'm wearing a barely there dress. Still, I'm glad sir doesn't pay much attention to the talent, because I probably screwed that up too. I really don't like being in front of the camera, and I'm sure it showed. The lights were really hot too.

Spinner to Panx: My last job for the day, I would say I didn't do terribly. I just wasn't sure of what I was doing because things were much crazier on the floor and I wasn't given much attention. But that's no excuse obviously, as I'm supposed to know what I'm supposed to do.
Over all, I definitely learned a lot. Sir was really constructive in his criticism and there's so much to improve on. I just wish I could have been a better crew member for my classmates today. I definitely have to work extra harder next time to make up for it.

Though I messed up, I'm really proud that I didn't cry today. It seems petty, but I cry at anything and everything and getting yelled at is definitely in that list of reasons for my tear ducts to release those tears. But today, I didn't. So if just for that, go me.

I'm waaaay nervous now for MY production next week. I'm far from over making the script but I know it's going to be simple. Thing is, Sir expects more from the last producer (ME), so there's a little bit of pressure. Still, I'm going to try to keep cool on this one.
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