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June: I'm Gonna Find Another You (John Mayer)

It's really over
You made your stand
You got me crying
As was your plan
But when my loneliness is through
I'm gonna find another you

You take your sweaters
You take your time
You might have your reasons
But you will never have my rhyme

I'm gonna sing my way away from blue
I'm gonna find another you

When I was your lover
No one else would do
If I'm forced to find another
I hope she looks like you
Yeah and she's nicer too, yeah

So go on baby
Make your little get away
My pride will keep me company
And you just gave yours all away

Oh, now I'm gonna dress myself for two
Once for me and once for someone new
I'm gonna do some things you wouldn't let me do
Oh I'm gonna find another you

Probably my favorite song from John Mayer's Continuum album, this song just makes my heart ache each and every time. Now it doesn't mean I've gotten my heart broken or what not, but the lyrics are crush me and John Mayer's voice is so heart-wrenching on it too. I love how he only used a guitar on this. So simple. So beautiful.
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