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Today is a long way from then

In BC 103, we were discussing what NEWS was. And in class, news was defined as: "Information about recent events or happenings, especially as reported by newspapers, periodicals, radio etc. There was importance on it being reported."

Thanks to genrocks, I stumbled upon this clip of Mika Brzezinski asserting herself and what she DIDN'T CONSIDER as news.

On June 27, 2007, Brzezinski refused to air a story about Paris Hilton's release from prison. She attempted to burn the story's script on air but was prevented from lighting it by a co-host. Later in the newscast, she subsequently tore and shredded copies of the story. -- taken from Wikipedia
I give this girl props for her guts! While Larry King was busy interviewing Paris, here comes this woman tearing the report to bits, and even willing to burn it. Gotta love that spirit! She's obviously got her convictions and I'm glad she's sticking to it. I'm so amazed at this woman's bravado on TV.

Not that I have anything against Paris. In fact, I'm really hoping she's on the path to a renewal, because she sounded somewhat sincere in her answers (although I'm doubting the never-taking-drugs-ever bit). Still, I'm hoping she's changing for good.

Poll #1011668 Paris Hilton Post Prison

Do You Think Paris Hilton Learned Her Lesson?

I Don't Care

On the academic front, I had not one, but TWO currents events quizzes today -- one announced (Journ 101) and the other was a surprise (BC 103). I'm not keen on reading the front page, but these past few weeks, I've been reading non-stop, complete with highlights. I did better on the surprise test than on the announced one. How ironic. Lesson learned, don't study. As if.

I barely made it through today without collapsing. For some reason, I was really really tired the entire day. I just wanted to nap the entire time. Was it because I woke up extra early to read the newspaper? Or was it the nerve-wracking BC 103 exercise, where we had to make a 60 second radio script on this 'fire' that happened in "Vietnam" Quiapo, Manila (which is apparently a real place). My script sucked so bad! Dictionary or no dictionary, the construction was terrible, the thoughts were all over the place -- much like this blog, except it's freaking graded. I'm so embarrassed. Oh well, I'd like to believe I'm still going to get better.

But I still don't know why I'm so drained. I guess the overwhelming amount of work is getting to me. I hate harping about school, but alas, school has taken over. I must get back to my mountain of readings. If those girls could climb Everest, I can tackle this mountain of mine (nice positive thinking -- this should work).

Finally, I just want to greet so many people on their special days. Belated belated belated Happy Birthday to James! Belated Happy Birthday to Abby! Happy Birthday to Jerick! And Advanced Happy Birthday to Dreo! Yay for everyone else getting older too.
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