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Because holdmesam is the SWEETEST ever!

I've been praying for days on end for a sign whether I should go permanent NOW or wait it out (2 years or so) while I earn my own money and pay for it. I've been seriously deliberating getting the account, but that would mean owing a lot of money to my mom, which I hate, and not being able to buy anything I want out of guilt because I know I owe my mom money.

I was hoping to just strike it gold, finding $150 on the floor (as if), or winning the lottery, but that would mean I actually went to bet, which I didn't. Today, I got this in the my mail and well, I guess this is a big enough sign.
holdmesam has decided to transfer their remaining extra userpics to your account "woodycakes". So, your journal now has the extra userpic add-on (if you didn't have it already) with 346.86 more days.
Thanks so much Valerie!!!
You definitely made my day 346.86 days!!!
I'm so grateful for this oh-so-generous gesture.
I will find some way to repay you one day!
You are soooooooooo L.♥.V.E.
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