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Screaming For Attention

I only have one class today and I was almost late. I'm such a delinquent. To think this class is a production class where punctuality is very very important. Great going, Patty! What a way to start the school year! Nevertheless, BC 121 lived up to its oh so demanding status. Next Monday, we're already having our very first production: a 3 minute Oral Interpretation of a poem/verse. I got number 14! We're 14 in class.

And I know I should feel thankful that I'm last, but according to our professor, he's harder on the last, and lenient on the first. Talk about pressure. I have no concept yet, nothing. I feel so blank. Thing is, if 121 were my only class, this would be fun to do. But with 102, 103, Comm Res 101, Journ 101, Comm 120 and Psych 101 all having their own shitty requirements, I'm going to have to just slit my wrists before I get anything done. Whee.

The highlight of my day was hanging outside Yakal Residence Hall with lockmates/orgmates/classmates/friends Marian, Paolo and Ruth just eating and talking. I miss seeing them outside the class room so it was nice to catch up with them. The production festival our organization had in the Kalayaan Residence Hall was a success too! I'm so happy for Simon who headed the team in charge of that project. I can't believe my batchmates are already in charge of projects. It makes me feel old.

And I don't like feeling old. But really, if anyone's old, it's Pamy. She just told me that one of her high school kabarkadas was getting married!!! What?!? They're in that age already?!? My sister's high school friends are getting married. In fact, it's her second kabarkada. Lucky Pamy though. In the event she gets invited, she GETS TO GO TO A WEDDING!!! I want to go to a wedding!!! Can someone in my batch get married please and invite me? I'll try to give a nice gift. Pamy gets to go shopping for a dress! I wonder who in my barkada will mary first: Hannah? Iza? Lee?

Cause it's most definitely NOT going to be me. Unless of course, Prince Harry drops one on knee when I meet him at the 2012 London Olympics. Then I guess I'll go first. Or if Jake Gyllenhaal just decides he can't live his life without me, then it'll be quite some time till that happens. How did I get from 121 to weddings?

Last week flew by so fast, I feel this one is just going to disappear like that. Before I knoew it, it'll already be the sem break. I can't wait.

I'm a generally easy going person and though I dramatize everything, it takes quite a bit to get me really really angry. So really, don't push me. Thank god for Ruth. I swear, makakapatay talaga ako ng tao
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