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Last One Standing

Everyone's getting sick in this house. Except for me, again.

Last week, my brother Pietro wasn't feeling too good, but luckily, it didn't turn into anything serious. This week, Pamy skipped work for 3 days (gasp! they missed her dearly, i'm sure) because she was having some abdominal problems. And now, Paola is sick too!!! She's coughing like crazy and she's pretty warm too. But the real question is, Why am I not sick yet???

I stayed up till 7 AM Saturday morning reading 101 pages of Comm 120, none of which I understood, and then I drove myself to school (it's a miracle I didn't kill myself) and stayed there till 4pm and still I feel no sore throat coming on and no fever! Why am I so strong??? I know I should be thankful, because being sick is not something to strive for. But maybe I'm just longing for the "perks" that come with being sick.

Like sleeping in my parents room, while being "baby-ed" by our mom, who will not be happy when she finds out I want to be sick. Or, having the TV all to yourself during the day because everyone else is in school. Or being fed dinner, because you're too weak to even feed yourself. Or eating in your bedroom -- which on a normal day, you're not allowed to do -- lest you spread your sickness.

Still, I'm glad that I have a strong resistance to sickness. That should come in handy when I grow up and live by myself -- where there's no one to take care of me. I won't ever get sick, thus I won't have to take care of myself.

Is anyone going to purchase the permanent account??? Because I'm really tempted, and though I have no funds, I'm salivating at the thought of it. jamypye is telling me to just go for it -- as she sees me blogging for 8 years minimum (to get a return of investment). PB on the other hand, doesn't think I'll be that active anymore and he doesn't think the perks are worth the price. Then there's celeni telling me that: "the future is uncertain."

The weird thing is, the first thing that came to mind when she said this was: I WAS GOING TO DIE BEFORE MY 8 YEARS WAS UP!!! Morbid, I know. But for someone who's strong, I could die of so many causes (that I refuse to mention, lest I jinx it?). Just deciding who to give my paid account to (if I go permanent) is already such a big decision. If I die, I'll have to pick who gets the Permanent account so that the money I spent would be worth it.

But who would want a dead girl's journal? I wouldn't. It's kinda freaky. Permanent account or not. And then of course, there's the money issue. I'm not exactly the richest girl in the world. If only I were an artista, this money would be nothing. But then I'd probably be so busy that I wouldn't even get to blog? Or would I?

And then there's the ROI factor. Going permanent would mean I would only get my money's worth 8 years from now. And that would mean I'm already 28! That's old!!! Pamy isn't even 28 yet. That's like forever from now. And I'd be working (hopefully). And PB says that I'll be too busy to be active here anyway.

But of course, if anyone lovely and rich out there wishes to finance this whim of mine, I wouldn't be deliberating in the first place. Calling Bill Gates! What's $150 when you're the richest man in the world? I'm a good cause!!! I swear, my problems are so trivial, when I should be focusing on school. Oh wait, I will be in school again tomorrow. Lovely. Anyway, because _lexizzle tagged me, I shall oblige.

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Canned Dinuguan Mom's kitchen is just too damn good to pass up. I can finish an ENTIRE can! Not good for the figure, but it tastes divine
Literary: Yes! Magazine How can I resist a 28 page article (half of it was ads) on OgRe (Ogie-Regine)?!? Plus, there was 14 pages of Rowpa-Yilmaz! Heaven!
Audiovisual: Lupin Richard Gutierrez is apparently HOT. I don't follow it religiously (really), but seeing him in crisp suits and watching it on MUTE is enough to make me weak in the knee
Musical: 90s EuroPop! Boybands like 911, 5ive, A1 (only 1 song!) and girlbands like B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, Solid HarmoniE and mixed-sex bands like S Club 7 and Steps are embarrassing but they're LOVE!!!
Celebrity: Ruffa-Yilmaz-Annabelle This saga is tooooooo great to pass up on! Paris who? We've got a cross-continental, cross-cultural mess on primetime here!!!

Now I tag:-

celeni outof_focus 24fps heartshapelove and bornwilde

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

Happy Birthday thisismorning!!!
Hope you have great day
And an even better year ahead!
Take care of yourself always ♥
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