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Truth Takes Time

Thanks to the joy of Saturday classes, Fridays mean NOTHING to me. They're just yet another day in the week, with class the next day. Not just morning class, but afternoon class to boot. And if only my Saturday classes were fun ones (The types you signed up for eagerly when you were a kid -- like piano, or art, or even sports) -- instead I'm enrolled in the reading-filled, paper-piled Comm Res 101 and Comm 120.

I'm trying to be really good student, with the occasional deviant behavior (going online and the one TV show: Studio 60!), and so far, I guess it's pretty good considering it's me. I've been reading ahead for Psych 101, which I actually enjoy! Our book is thick and long, but it's actually a really good read. I want to thank my brain for being so fascinating and so efficient. It does so much work -- apparently, all these neurons and stuff. I'm loving my brain.

BC 103 is tough, but our professor is the BEST EVA!!! She started off with a lecture on ideologies and stuff like that, and though I admit I am the stupidest person when it comes to these things, as I am no critical thinker, I was just amazed by the wealth of her knowledge as compared to the poverty of mine. I'm kinda freaked I'm not profound at all, and what I write is really very shallow, so I'm very very intimidated.

She said, that Lenin said: "To write is to side." Oh no, what am I siding with? Shallowness and banality? She says that every script we submit is a measure of what's inside our heads. Unfortunately, ma'am, my brain is filled with nonsensical gossip and hollywood news and nothing profound. I can't even remember theories from Comm 140 anymore! I'm sorry Sir! It's embarrassing, but it's true. I feel terrible! Does this mean I should get into the news and high literature???

Nevertheless, I agree with what she had to say. I know I'm scaring myself, because all she said was that our writing would forever be tied to the writer. Here I am, getting all paranoid about my style, which I admit is very tabloid.

Anyway, I do enjoy her class -- despite it being sooooo cold in our classroom, that as I struggled with what I was going to write in my 60-second Audio resume (first radio script exercise introducing ourself), my heart was literally jumping out of my chest. I was shivering -- hypothermia shivering. I must remember to bring a jacket.

On the other hand, Journ 101 was the longest 3 hours of my life. I'm not complaining, believe me, I just wish we'd get dismissed when the lesson was over instead of stretching it and stretching it and stretching it and stretching it and stretching it and stretching it and stretching it and stretching it and did I mention stretching it? And I'm sure her requirements will be killer, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining. Really, I'm not.

BC 102 started off well today. I've been under my professor before, but I have to admit I'm not really a performer, and this class is all about performance. I knew my productions in 101 were a little more technical than they were creative, so I'm going to have to go to my happy place in this class. Believe it or not, I am SHY. So I've got to leave that at the door of the Radio studio. Lovely.

I was so tense for this class, that last night, I dreamt that I met our professor in the ladies room of all places and she apparently, gave me my class card (containing my grade) and I saw a huge 5.0 on it! Nightmare, believe me.

Ack, when did my entries become so academic-conscious? I miss the days when I'd just read gossip blogs and report on my findings. Seriously. I haven't even been to my favorite gossip blogs this week! The Horror!!! I swear, school is so getting in the way of my real life. I should get off this thing now. I still have to read a ton of things for Comm 120 tomorrow. Thank god it's Friday? Not really.
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