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Voice Post: Good First Week

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“This time is going to be really difficult. Tomorrow I have my 1st term 101 quiz on the current events. We're supposed to read the newspaper for the day & it will be like a ___ quiz on everything from the front page to the business section which I never even read. This is going to be crazy. I wish it were a release of the paper the night before. That way I had more time. I have to wake up early & then I have an 8:30 class. Anyway the best reading, come(?) rest readings & I'm only on the 3rd reading & I'm already sleepy. I spent the whole day doing this. I can't believe, I should have finished it earlier, but of course the computer is really hard to me. Still after this, I'm kind of proud of myself because I actually got some readings done which are for Sat so all in all this has been, not great, but a good 1st week for me considering the lazy girl that I am.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post

I obviously don't speak clear enough as the transcription doesn't make sense half the time. That's what happens when you let it auto-transcribe. Oh well, the point is, to listen to the voice post in the first place. So why am I explaining myself?
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