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Bam Margera

The Prankster
Don't know him and I wouldn't bother too. Not that I'm biased, but just by the looks of his picture, I wouldn't really be enticed to do so. MTV likes cooking up reality shows and apparently, he's in one of them.

But thanks to the slow rise of technology on this side of the world, his show doesn't air here. Unfortunately. Is he hot? Not. But hey, these are in my opinion, what I call the fillers. They're a bunch of people who just happen to fit the age bracket at the moment. So, here's to the fillers (raises glass of water), thank your managers and press people that you were mentioned to one of the Teen People editors at the time this list was being conceptualized, because this is probably the only hot list you'll be on for a long time.

**out of a possible five
Tags: 25 hottest stars under 25, tv
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