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21: Because I felt like 18 just wouldn't kill me

For the first time ever, I actually got all my subjects thanks to the gods at CRS. But, that doesn't mean I like my schedule. Packing in 21 units to my week is practically suicide, but alas, the lack of summer classes is going to do this to me.

And yes, I wish I could still change some things in my schedule to give me some semblance of a weekend, but for fear that CRS would mistake my changing of class times for being ungrateful, I just stuck to my schedule.
BC 121: TV Direction and Production
I was really excited about this class, ever since a friend asked me to become a talent for this class last year. It's crazy the amount of stuff we had to digest today thanks to Kuya A, and I'll have to read up some more. For sure, I'm going to screw up something during the first production and I hope I don't for the sake of whomever's production it'll be. I still haven't met our professor because his mother passed away this weekend, but I've heard that he's really good, with his own set of quirks of course.
BC 102: Radio Performance
I haven't met our professor either, because she was on a trip, but I've already been under her in BC 100. The syllabus looks pretty scary and there are so many things I can do that will make me get a grade of 5.0. That's not good. And I know I'm no performer, so this is going to be pretty tough. Still, it's nice to be back in the radio studio even if I'm no longer classmates with my 101 friends.
BC 103: Radio Scriptwriting
Our professor is pretty young, but she looks like she really knows her stuff. She works in the networks too, so she's going to train us the way they do in the "real world." That just means -- SCARY DEADLINES. And I have to write in Filipino -- which I suck at, so this is really going to be a challenge. I'm going to go and buy the UP Filipino dictionary because I'm really going to need it. This scares me, and it's not even a production class.
Comm 120: Mass Media Law
Did anyone say readings? Other than having this class on a Saturday afternoon, I've got to read tons and tons of readings on the LAW! What's worse is, my professor does the roll call type recitation. If he picks your index card out three times in one meeting, then so be it. I'm so going to spend my time reading and reading and reading some more.
Comm Res 101: Introduction to Communication Research
There's a reason I enrolled in Broad Comm and NOT Comm Res, I know I'm no good in this. Yet another of my Saturday classes, the only perk of this is that I'm classmates with Ana and Anna! If only Rina were our classmate, it would be like CWTS all over again. Except this time, we'd have to submit a paper, a group report, take exams and do research. Yay. Not.
J 101: Introduction to Journalism
For someone who only reads the Entertainment and Lifestyle section of the newspaper, this class is going to be tough. Besides having to submit real articles (non-blog entries) on the different kinds of newspaper articles, we'll also be having currents event quizzes EVERY MEETING on the news FOR THE DAY. I'm so going to have to read the newspaper and memorize things quickly! This is not going to be fun.
Psych 101: Introduction to Psychology
I only have TWO non-CMC electives and I actually to Psych for one of them. I actually wanted to take Socio 124 but it wasn't available. So now I'm going to be poring over Hilgard and Atkinson's oh-so-thick book that's got very little pictures and lots and lots of text on the different perspectives and fields of psychology. Did I mention that I knew NOBODY from this class? Thank god for Aissa, my Film seatmate.

So what does this mean? Well, first off, it means I should be spending less time wasting away online. Goodbye hours upon hours of reading gossip and playing sudoku. Hello library, diligent studying and being the good student I should have been these past two years anyway. So LJfriends, if you don't see me online too often, or if I don't comment as much as I used to, please forgive me; I am around, I'm just trying to be a better student.

It doesn't sound like me, but at least I'm going to try. If I'm not alive by October, you can blame it on the 21 units I'm taking this semester. It's funny, because I can count 21 other places I'd rather be right now.
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