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Stand Still Next Time

I haven't touched the computer in three days, according to my trusty Last.FM, and really that's a pretty good deal considering I'm usually on this thing every single day. I'm going to try and ween myself from the computer as my occupation (student) doesn't really require me to spend hours upon hours on this thing. Sadly, I wish it were the job description.

I actually wanted to blog, but I wasn't sure about. Gasp, the day has come, when I'm not quite sure what to say. I guess not touching this for so long has caused a little gap in my blogging skills, because really, there's tons that's happened but suddenly my life seems so mediocre and un-blog-able. So _lexizzle suggested I do a Meme. Because PB's done it and Pamy's done it, I think I'll do it too.

1. Patty likes to do arts and crafts
This is the very first thing that comes out, so I was hoping for something more apt, but it's actually true. I went through a Crochet phase where I started selling crocheted scarves and that was pretty intense. So yeah, I guess that's a craft I like to do.

2. Patty likes to interview some of the up and coming ladies in our industry
I don't think I'm much of an interviewer, based on my BC 101 interview production, but I guess I'd like to interview ladies in "my industry." What industry? College? I guess i like talking to people, but I wouldn't consider it interviewing.

3. Patty likes to read, go to movies and travel when possible.
Right on! I wish I could do all three all the time, but alas, school gets in the way. I like reading (non-school books), going to the movies (without having to write reaction papers), and traveling (not to school though). So yeah, this one was dead on -- technically.

4. Patty likes to spend her free time working with children at her church.
I wish this were true. Our priest would wish this were true. There was an opportunity to do so, but I didn't exactly jump at it. Back in gradeschool, my crush lived in the same village and went to the same church so I was so at every church event. I'm such a bad church person now though.

5. Patty likes to travel overseas with her daughter.
You mean my imaginary daughter, Ava Catarina? Or my neglected daughter Cia Margarita? As if. I'd like to travel, but with no daughter, thank you very much. Still, if there was princess or HRH attached to the name, then of course, I wouldn't mind.

6. Patty likes to make sure everyone is having a good time.
This is so true. It doesn't even have to be at parties, and I'm always trying to make sure everyone is having fun. This is especially true in class. Hello to yet another semester of trying to have fun, despite the massive workload and tons of readings and scripts to make (more on this some other time).

7. Patty likes to use music and drama to teach her young students
I like music and drama, but I don't think I'm that well versed in it, enough to be teaching students! But hey, I wouldn't mind becoming a teacher one day, I just can't imagine teaching drama. Maybe how to become madrama and how to sing out of tune, but no one's going to be enrolling in that class, for sure.

8. Patty likes to be a homebody
I like stay at home, but I love going out too. Still, these days I find myself being a homebody due to laziness. I'm already in school till Saturday and that's the whole day. So if I can stay at home and bum watching Dawson's Creek, then count me in. This includes pigging out too, of course.

9. Patty likes to think of her work, regardless of the medium
Yes, I like to think of my work, it doesn't mean I actually DO the work. My work does come in lots of medium nowadays. I'll be having TV prods, radio prods and papers galore, so that's a lot of variety. Again, I just like thinking of it, hoping it'll finish itself.

10. Patty likes to honor women who step up to great management roles
I do like women who step up to great management roles. I don't know if I honor them, but i guess they're pretty good role models. I'd rather look up to them than the Paris and Lindsays of the world, so it's not so bad.

And tomorrow is another Monday. I know I've been in college for two years and counting, but it only just recently dawned on me that semesters are awfully short amounts of time to prove myself in each class. Better get back to work then. Hello, readings.
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