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Bite The Dust

It's my first day of class and though I haven't been to class yet, I've been everywhere already and all before 8AM.

It started when Paola needed me to bring her to Holy Spirit before 6AM. So I wake up early and make her tie (for her little play) and driver her to school. Everything is good. That is, until I'm on my way home and I get a call from Pietro saying that Paola had taken his file bag instead of hers.

I try to stay cool. I drive back to Holy Spirit and get an ID to go inside and get Pietro's bag from Paola. Paola's not in her classroom so I leave word with her class mates that she took the wrong bag. Then I call home and ask my nanny to bring Paola's bag to the corner of our village so I don't have to enter anymore -- then she can give Pietro his bag.

I rush back to Holy and give Paola her bag and finally I'm on my way home so I can finally catch one more episode of Dawsons Creek before going to class at 10am. Unfortunately for me, Pietro didn't reach his bag because the school bus had already arrived. This can't be happening. Pietro is the most responsible person ever and if he gets minus points for this, I'm going to feel awful.

So I try calling him, but he's not picking up. I figure it's not going to happen. But twenty minutes into my arrival at home, Pietro finally texts saying it was alright. But since I wasn't doing anything, I figured I'd bring it to Ateneo anyway. Pietro's class is at 7:45am and it's already 7:29am at this point. The traffic is going to be terrible, so I just cross my fingers.

I reach Ateneo at 7:52am and Pietro's already in class, so he just tells me to leave it with Big Boy. I get past security who reminds me to get a sticker (hello! I don't need one, as I don't usually do this!!!) and finally park in the highschool. I then search for Big Boy and really he isn't that hard to find. He's this tall man who's like the Mang Baguio of Poveda and he was really nice and friendly. Thank god for him, he was really helpful.

I'm exhausted and worn out and I really just want to crawl back into bed. But I can't do that anymore because I'll oversleep for sure and miss my only class today.

So really, the entire point of this is, I can't be a mother! I'm so tired already and I still have to go to class. I can't imagine doing this every single day (hopefully I won't though because these things don't happen everyday, right?). I can't imagine having to worry about kids forgetting things and quizzes they're going to take and all that. I can be a quasi-mom for a day, but really, can my mom come back already?
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