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Sweet Escape

And the summer is once again over. I know I should be thankful that I didn't really have any academic responsibility or internship to worry about, but in truth, it was probably the most nervous I had felt in a long time. Sure, I had my fun: watched endless marathons of Alias and Dawson's Creek. Ate till I felt like barfing, slept in till noon and stayed up till dawn. And just hung out with my siblings most of the time. So really, things couldn't be so bad right?

Well, it could be. I didn't take summer class and now I'm two units behind instead of ahead. I didn't take it because I thought I'd be taking too many absent days that would equal to me dropping it so I just opted not to. So instead of being ahead, now I'm going to have to kill myself with a horrible schedule that's got me going to school on Saturday for an entire day.

I'm really nervous for third year of class because I've got 21 units of class and I didn't exactly do great last semester. I did so horribly, I thought I could just erase that semester, but apparently, I can't. I'm going to have to deal with a less than great record and though it totally brings me down, I can't slack off yet because I know that I have to do my best.

And I know that the school year hasn't even begun yet and I should give it a chance, but things just aren't looking up for me. I feel like there's really nothing to look forward too anymore.

Okay, so the summer wasn't all that horrible. I got a lot of rest and a lot of time online, which is really things I enjoy. I got to do a lot of my hobbies (sleeping, eating, surfing the net) was accomplished and a lot of hanging out with family and high school friends. And I am thankful for that, but there's still that longing for the what-ifs that never was. I know I probably make no sense and this is what happens when your body clock is screwed and you're not so excited for the first day of class. I guess what I'm trying to say is, things weren't bad this summer, but they could have been so much better and I would have been so much more happier -- at least I'd like to think so.

And not to say I didn't learn anything from my summer. Apparently, after re-watching Dawson's Creek, I realize that my life is so much better than the kids from Capeside. My parents aren't breaking up (Mitch and Gayle Leary), they don't hate me (Jen Lindley's parents), my dad's not in jail (Mr. Potter), my dad isn't a homophobe (Mr. McPhee). And my high school drama wasn't as dramatic, people dying from too much drinking near the docks (Abby Morgan), coming out in class thanks to a nasty teacher (Jack McPhee), outcast New Yorker joining the cheerleading squad (Jen Lindley), having a depressed girlfriend who cheats on me during rehab (Andie McPhee) and of course the never ending love triangle (Dawson, Pacey and Joey).

Then of course, there's just the sheer disbelief that Katie Holmes is now married to Tom Cruise with that adorable Suri for her baby, when I"m just watching her being this annoyingly naive and forever in love with Dawson, Joey Potter, singing "On My Own." This show is way too addictive.

So really I've got it better than the Capeside kids and yet I can't get enough of them. I'm only on season 3, but boy this thing is addictive. See, my summer wasn't so academically productive but at least I'm more in touch with popular culture of the past, that is.

so long summer

All in all, I really shouldn't be complaining, but for some reason, things weren't so bad this summer. Still, things could be a lot better, that's for sure. I guess there's still next summer for a better one. Whoops, I got internship next summer. So I guess that was my last summer. Whoopdeedoo. Take me away, please?
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