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Must Get Out

I can't ever imagine going to jail. First off, what crime would I have committed? Breaking into Buckingham Palace? Stalking a celebrity? And really, I wouldn't want to. What would I do in there? Stare at the walls? And I'd have to join a gang, and since I'm such a sissy, I'd be dead on my first day. Despite watching Prison Break and loving it to bits, I don't think I can have my own Michael Scofield break me out.

That's why Paris Hilton getting into jail is so interesting. I'd never thought they'd actually sentence her t jail time and actually go through with it. Still, it's been nothing but craziness. I thought I'd recap the highlights of Paris's trips in and out of jail, for just this week.

Paris checks into Jail Early
Paris Hilton made herself the biggest story of last night by reporting to serve her jail sentence after leaving the MTV Movie Awards, two nights earlier than scheduled. TMZ caught the video (Kathy Hilton's window conspicuously left open so photographers could get the shot) of Paris getting driven into the facility.
I was actually pretty shocked to find out she let herself out early. Why would anyone do this anyway? But I figured she really was sorry for the things she did and was willing to serve time. I guess she figured the earlier she got in, the earlier she'd get out. I was actually applauding her at this point.

Paris Let Out After Only Three Days
According to LA Sheriff Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore, Paris will be confined to her home for the next 40 days. She will be forced to wear an ankle bracelet, similar to the one Martha Stewart wore during her house arrest. Apparently the decision was made based on discussions with her medical staff, but the spokesperson would not discuss the medical issue "due to confidentiality."
Then this happens and I'm like, WHAT?!? She only spent three days inside the facility and now she's out? I was convinced the justice system wasn't going to work and well, I sort of felt relieved that things in the US were just like things here; people getting special treatment and all that.

Paris back in jail for 45 days
Paris is set to serve the original "45 days with appropriate credit," though the heiress is already planning on filing an appeal. Paris will spend the weekend in a medical jail facility called Twin Towers. Sheriff Baca, the man who was in charge of letting Paris out in the first place, still contends that Paris has "increasingly deteriorating...severe mental problems."
And my faith is restored. She was heard screaming, "Mom, Mom" while being physically removed from the courthouse, and that actually made me feel a little sorry for her, but I guess she's going to need to serve her time. I wonder what's next in this little Paris goes to jail tale because at the rate she's going, she's only been in there a week, and she's done so much already. I also found this mix of songs as a tribute to Paris going to jail. It's pretty good mix.
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