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Sucker for Romance

With reality shows filling up TV's schedule, there aren't really a lot of shows that star actors anymore. With American Idol gone, I really feel this whole in my TV viewing. And though I know that no other show can fill this gap, I've been finding ways of keeping myself occupied.

So I try straying away from other reality shows (as if) to watch shows where there is an actual plot. So I was really excited that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was going to be showing over here. And despite the many NON-fans of the show, I somehow really really enjoyed the thing.

That's why I was -- probably the only person in the world -- devastated when they didn't even finish the season in the US. I couldn't believe it. How come I thoroughly enjoy every episode? Is my taste that bad? Anyway, I was delighted to hear that they brought it back just to finish up the season

I'm trying to figure out why I'm so drawn to the show. Is it because I wish to work in television one day? Is it because I'm a whore for behind-the-scenes-drama? Or because I'm a sucker for romance? I guess it's a little of all three.

I think Aaron Sorkin had a fabulous idea to begin with. People just weren't as interested in the going ons of an SNL-type show (oh wait, they are -- 30 Rock is doing fantastic!), complete with trademark rapid fire dialogue that actually requires me to think.

I actually really like their actors. I love Amanda Peet and Bradley Whitford (they're the cutest Loveteam ever!!!) and Sarah Paulson should really just end my misery and marry Matthew Perry on the show (the other love team). But even the supporting cast is fabulous. The NBS President Jack Rudolph is really love! And their tech guy Cal is also so loveable. So why is it not clicking?

When things didn't work out the drama way, they decided to just lay on the romance and that of course, made me and Pamy even happier than we were before. Before, they tried making it a serious tv show, so there was lots of tv behind the scenes thinamajig, and though I enjoyed it, apparently, not everyone did, so they just scrap that and make it all about the love teams. And really, I'm not going to complain.

So there's the Matt-Harriet one and there's the Danny-Jordan one. And because I have a girl-crush on Amanda Peet, I can't help but love it that they're so developing her little love story with Bradley Whitford. There was this scene in episode 11, during the Christmas show where Danny finally confronts Jordan about his feelings for her. Pamy and I were on the floor after this.

Danny:I've been married twice before and I'm a recovering cocaine addict. And I know that's no woman's dream of a man. Or of a father. Nonetheless, I believe I'm falling in love with you. If you want to run, I understand, but you better get a good head start, because I am coming for you, Jordan.

Why does Danny have to be so hot?!? Jordan was so cute, stuffing her face with a sandwich, and then the obvious shock on her face. The kilig! Oh the kilig I felt when this happened.

Yes, I know it isn't rating well and it's not coming back for another season, but I'm really going to enjoy what's left of Studio 60. Because despite what the critics or ratings say, I'm loving this show so much. It's such a shame it's getting canceled.
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