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Because She Can

I haven't been watching the Miss Universe in a long time. But now that jazz_stiletto is in the running, how can I not watch and support her? I woke up at 8am today only to find out it's an hour later at 9am. I'm not even in the competition and I'm so nervous.

My lola told me yesterday that johnfards was interviewed on TV! Artista na si Nikki! It's so funny how Tita Else (Nikki's mom) was so nervous that Nikki wouldn't get a visa. But when Nikki told the consul the reason for his trip to the US, they gave him one and they even joked him Mr. Philippines. Good luck to Tere! We're all rooting for you. Well let the pageant begin.

* Tere's national costume is beautiful. I know I've seen it before, but seeing her move in it was just amazing. She's so poised and elegant indeed. And I noticed, all the girls are so young! They're 18 years old and the oldest are like 25. Damn! But they're all so pretty. I need to lose weight and get stretched.

* Vanessa Minillo! There are now FOUR Filipinos onstage. Miss Norway, Miss Germany, Vanessa and of course, the only pure one, Tere.

* Oh my god! How weird is that? Mario and Vanessa were together on the Miss Teen USA stage before! How coincidental?!

* Miss U last year was only 19?!? And she got an apartment in New York? If only for that, i'd want to be Miss U. Okay, so they do SOOOOOOOOO much (charity stuff and all), but the apartment? I'm hooked already.

* Holy crap, it's already the top 15! And they are: Venezuela, Thailand, Denmark, Nicaragua, Angola, Slovenia, USA, Brazil, India, Mexico (DUH!), Japan, Ukraine, Tanzania, Korea, AND Czech Republic?

* HUWAT?!? Screw them. Tere so deserved to be there. Well, whatevs. She's so a winner for me! Congratulations Tere! You're still my Miss Universe!

* I'm not even going to bother recap the rest. I'm glad Korea and Japan got in, but I'm not going to spend my time on it, especially since Tere isn't there anymore.

* Miss Photogenic Baby!!! Beat that?! Beat that!!!

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